7 Apr 2014

MUA nail polish

Plum Noir, Sweet Peach, Ameretto Crush

I picked these up from Superdrug the other day, because they were only a pound and the colours are awesome. For the money they're obviously not going to be the best polish on the market, but the only downside I can find is the brush. It doesn't apply the polish very well - sort of smears and blobs it about. If you use a different brush however, the colours apply in two coats and last reasonably well. With my Seche Vite top coat the pink lasted two days before I chipped it in the warehouse at work and took it off. Again, for a quid that's preeeeetty good value. 

They have a few other colours too - the mint looked lovely but I rarely wear light colours (other than pink or white) because my nails are so short - and I might be back to see if they add any more to the collection.

Overall, an exceptionally good value for money product.

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