3 Mar 2014

Babyliss Boutique Soft Wave Hair Wand

Olie got me this for Christmas because I wanted a hair wand instead of using my straighteners to curl my hair as well as straighten. At first, it's got to be said, I hated it. But, after two months, I've realised it's just technique. Forget what you know about curling with straighteners and start form the beginning.

Firstly, the barrel of this wand is relatively thick and does not taper. I like this because the waves you get are just that - waves, not curls so it makes your hair look much more natural. It comes with a glove, a heat mat and a storage bag. I don't use any of these. The storage bag... who actually uses those? The glove... makes it so hard to section hair, you may as well just mash your hair into a bush on your way to work in the morning for all the help that does. And the heat mat was just a disappointment. I have one that came with my straighteners and I'm using that one now as the wand burnt my carpet through the mat it's supplied with during the fifteen/twenty minutes I was waving my hair.

Thank the Lord, it's not a new carpet.

I thought I'd show you how I use it instead of just writing, because that seems to be all I do on this blog.


I usually use a higher heat setting, but the day I shot this I wasn't going out so I didn't mind if my hair dropped within the hour. This wand heats up relatively fast. It's not as quick as my straighteners, but still quick enough for me not to have to sit about on a morning waiting for it.

Take a section about this big (you might need to take more or less depending on how thick your hair is) and then wrap it around the wand away from your face.

And it should look like this!

Then repeat for the rest of your hair.

This is what my hair looks like at the end. It's a very natural finish - much more natural than when I use straighteners and it lasts throughout the day. I do tend to use a hairspray through the ends to hold it a little more.

I use this quite a lot. It doesn't take much longer than when I straighten and you can see from the before photo that my hair is pretty straight to start with. You also have option for softer waves with a lower setting, super curls if you take smaller sections or alternatively big strong waves if you take larger sections and a higher heat.

Although the accessories for this product are shameful, I would definately recommend the actual wave wand for beginners like me who want to dip their toes into hair wands (as weird as that sentence sounds) and I'm so glad Olie chose it as a gift for me.

Do you have a hair wand? What size wand do you like most?

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