3 Feb 2014

Witch Mattifying Moisturiser

I was sent this as a sample to try out over Christmas. I did try it out, but then stopped using it in early January as I found it reacted with the skin around my eyes (I was using a lot of new products so it took me a while to figure out which one was affecting me). It does state 'avoid contact with eyes', but for me, a moisturiser has to be applied to ALL skin on my face including eyelids to stay in my daily makeup. Unfortunately this made my, already weepy eyes, even more weepy even when I didn't apply around my eyes. I think it may have something to do with the smell, but as I said, as soon as I realised it was affecting me (so much so, I had to pull over when I was driving to work one day to try and stop my eyes running) I stopped using it.

Packaging: 5/5
I can't fault this kind of package. It's easy to squeeze out as much as you need, it's sanitary because you're not dipping your fingers in and the size of it is good for popping in your handbag. I also like the colouring and the font of the text, it makes it feel very friendly and welcoming (if that's possible from a text).

Scent: 3/5
This smells like suncream more than anything else. I think it's a clean smell, but not one I particularly enjoy rubbing on my face every morning. It would be nice in summer, but as a winter product, not so much.

Durability: 2/5
I don't think this is the best moisturiser out there. I've tried a lot and this one (even if it didn't react with my skin) wouldn't be one I reach for. Possibly in summer it might be more useful, but with foundation over the top I didn't feel like it helped everything stay in place or particularly moisturised my face. I have really dry skin on my forehead and really oily skin on my chin so although it says mattifying for combination/oily skin, it didn't do anything for me. It also claims to last for 24 hours (a massive claim) but I would say that if I start work at 7am, it might last me 'til dinnertime and then my face looks like a desert, so maybe 6 hours tops.

Texture: 4/5
It's quite oily in itself although it sinks into the skin quickly, which is good on a morning. Squeezing it out of the tube, it looks quite thick, but when rubbing it in it smooths out really nicely making it easy to create an even layer. The bits where it doesn't sink in fast end up looking pretty shiney which is the opposite of what it's meant to do though, right?

Overall: 3/5
I didn't see much of a difference to the overall look of my makeup when using this compared to any other moisturiser I use on my face so I was a little disappointed with the 'mattifying' element of it, the moisturising element might be better suited to a warmer climate when you wouldn't really need that much moisturiser unless you got sunburnt and finally although I don't mind the smell of suncream I don't really need it powering through my perfume.

Total: 17/25

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