12 Feb 2014

Little Giveaway

So today something a bit different is going to happen. 

If you follow my other blog Peaa, you'll know I'm having a clearout and a freshen up around the house. Over the weekend I found a ginormous stash of Ted Baker potions and lotions, which I know I'll never get round to using.

So I'm offering them to you in the form of this competition! I've split this portion of my hoard into four parts so there's more winners. Here are the prizes!

Two First Prizes of:
A Body Lotion, the Body Souffle and a Hand Cream

Second Prize:
Body Lotion

Third Prize:
Body Scrub

All you have to do to enter for one entry is any one of these and then comment below telling me how you've entered (with your twitter name if you entered that way) and which product you'd like to try out best:

1. Follow *Face
2. Follow Peaa
3. Tweet about the giveaway

If you do more than one of the above let me know and you'll get extra entries. Remember to leave me an email address to get in touch with you if you're a winner!

I'm going old fashioned and putting all names onto bits of paper and then picking them out. This giveaway will be running for 12 days, so I'll announce the winner on Monday 24 February 2014 at around 4pm.

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