24 Feb 2014

Blackcurrant Cleansing Shower Butter

I bought this from The Yorkshire Soap Company in November, but if you don't live in North Yorkshire, you can get it here. I actually bought it as a gift, but the smell is so divine I kept it. As the name suggests it's a butter type consistency which intrigued me a bit - it's smooth, easy to dig out of the pot and lathers up like a nice sliver of Imperial Leather.

I use it with a shower mitt to exfoliate at the same time, but smoothing it over my skin without works just as well, and as I said before the smell is amazing; exactly like blackcurrants. The only downside is that the smell doesn't linger (on me anyway) for very long.

The actual cleansing properties of this butter are very good, I feel squeaky clean after showering and also nourished as it contains shea butter to moisturise too. With the combination of the exfoliation too, my skin feels awesome after using this.

We started using it just after Christmas and you can see how little we've actually used. A little goes a relatively long way so for the price of £7.99 I think it's very decent.

The packaging is good and bad at the same time. I like how big the tub is and how easily the lid clips on and off, but for keeping in the shower, the material it's made of (a sort of plasticy cardboard) doesn't feel as though it's completely suitable for keeping in the wet. Only good side to this is that it's completely recyclable so for the price of keeping it away from the shower, you're doing your little bit for the environment by recycling it afterwards.

Overall, I would give this an eight out of ten. Although I love it, I wish the smell would surround me all day and I think a different kind of packaging would make it easier to remember to take to the shower and use.

Having said that, I'd definately recommend it to you if you'd like to try something different and for the £7.99 price tag, the amount of product you get is unbeatable.

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