20 Jan 2014

Sanctuary Body Wash

I've used this A LOT. At this point in time the bottle is only half empty and I've used this every time I've washed - which is a lot.

Packaging: 3/5
Although I love that it looks like a high branded product with a pull of lid and then a flick top on the actual bottle (the orange bit in the see through bit at the top, yeah you got that), it's super awkward when you're trying to get the product out... so the purpose of the product is shafted. Looks great on the shelf, but is a bugger to actually use.

Scent: 3/5
It's definately 'infused' with essential oils because it smells clean, but there's nothing special about it and it doesn't linger. I marked the hand cream as a 4 out of 5 on scent and said the same thing "nice, but doesn't linger', however in a bath product I like to smell nice throughout the day to kind of mask my body smell (I don't have BO, it's just me trying to smell like a girl instead of a warehouse boy) and this just doesn't.

Durability/performance: 4/5
Although I suppose it cleans well, and lasts well (product, not scent wise) I'm not entirely convinced it leaves me 'glowing and rejuvenated' afterwards. I, personally, don't look for a glowing-ness afterwards and would be pretty freaked out if I did, so I've marked this at a 4 because it cleans the dirt from my skin. Simples.

Texture: 2/5
I'm not sure about everyone else in the world, but I don't really like slimey products, especially in wet conditions. I don't think 'slimey' is the perfect word for it, but it's fairly close to how I feel the texture should be described. I also expected it to be slight exfoliating, but it's not - let down. Maybe it's slimey because it's meant to moisturise at the same time, but for me if I didn't use an exfoliating glove with it, I wouldn't be using it at all.

Overall: 3/5
I'm giving it a mid way mark and I feel a bit harsh doing it, but I don't think it deserves any higher. If you want a cleansing bath product there are so many other, better ones out there.

Total: 15/25

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