13 Jan 2014

17 Phwoarr Paint

I bought this on a whim just after Christmas when I saw that Kate recommended it. I've tried 17 things before and they usually fall under the 'okay' category of my makeup bag.

Packaging: 4/5
Normally I find 17 products cheap looking and a bit naff. Although I don't think this is particularly refined it reminds me of a Benefit type look and the compact also has a very clear useful mirror in the lid. I think that most mirrors in makeup packaging try to overcompensate for being small and use a sort of wide angle effect - which I hate because I can't actually see what I'm doing. This seems to like being small and it works effectively because of that.

Durability/performance: 5/5
I actually remembered to take before and after photo's this time. I'm not wearing any makeup at all in the first one and in the second all I have on is this concealer. You can see how red my skin is and how the concealer covers that to make my skin look calmer and more even than it actually is. For the under eye area, it took me a long time to work out how best to apply it because too much and it blots every little freckle and mark out and too little and it doesn't really work (as expected). I find that patting it on with a finger to start, bringing it quite low alongside the nose then buffing it out with a brush works best for me. I tend to use it more for redness and blotches over my face rather than for just under the eyes, unless I've had a particularly sleepless night when I'll crack it out and bash it all over my face.

Texture: 5/5
This is a heavy duty concealer so expect it to be thick and apply it in layers instead of sweeping/buffing actions. I have a particularly bad spot at the moment, that wasn't a big spot, it was a little under-the-surface-beggar until I jabbed it and now it's a full on scab. Just above the corner of my mouth. Laaarvely. I've been applying this throughout the time I've had this little mite and it's done a grand job of, not necessarily full on concealing because it's a crater, but dampening the redness so I feel better about going outside my house.

Overall: 4/5
I'm not giving this full marks because it's supposed to be an under eye concealer and I think it's better suited to blemishes around the face. However, it's a super 'everything' concealer if needs be and I'd recommend it to anyone because of the quality you get for what you pay.

Total: 18/20

Have you used this concealer? What do you think of it?

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