30 Dec 2013

Little Mix Perrie Palette by Collection

Firstly, those last two pictures haven't been edited. That's my actual pale colouring and the colour of the shadow in the cold hard December daylight. In real life, the colours are much richer and darker (more like the swatches on my hand) I just couldn't get a good photo.

Packaging: 4/5
I can't really fault this, it's compact, easy to open and the see through lid means it's easy to see what colours you've got - however it does feel fairly cheap being plastic.

Performance: 3/5
Things that are good:
- it blends okay
- it applies relatively easy

Things that aren't so good:
- Apart from the sparkle, it lacks the pigment I personally look for in a shadow. You have to apply a lot for a little colour.
- There is a massive amount of fall out.

I'd mark it higher if there was more colour and a bit less sparkle, but otherwise they're good shadows.

Overall: 3/5
I wouldn't necessarily reach for these shadows over my others, but for a one off New Year's party these would be top of my list! For £3.19 though, this palette is a bargain from Superdrug.

In total: 10/15

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