13 Jul 2013

Volume 2: Trevor Sorbie Volume Conditioner

I bought this quite recently and although I love the shampoo, I don't rate this very highly at all.

Packaging: 3/5
I really adored the packagaing of this product when it first came out in Boots. I liked the shape, colour and presentation (see the shampoo). So  although I can see why this change in the kind of packaging they've used would be beneficial for a number of reasons (such as the amount of recyclable waste, the ability to squeeze the product out of it and taking up less space when travelling), but I'm not a fan. To me it now looks a bit tacky and doesn't appear to be the higher ended product it claims to be.

Scent: 4/5
I've marked this the same as the shampoo, it smells okay, but doesn't really linger.

Performance: 3/5
I expected this product to make my hair big and shiney. It does the latter, very very well. It's a superb conditioner - but so is Tesco's own brand. I bought this under the premise of volumous healthy hair and it didn't really achieve that, so I'm quite disappointed.

Texture: 4/5
It has a thickish texture to it which I like and it spreads well through my hair which is what a good conditioner should do. I don't think it's as thick as it should be to promote volume.

Overall: 3/5 I like this product as a conditioner, however I wanted this product over the other's I already had because it claimed to be able to boost my hair and it really hasn't done that. It has kept my split ends in check and my hair is lovely and shiney - I don't think I'd repurchase for those reasons however because there are other, cheaper, products out there that already do these things.

Total: 17/25

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