3 Jun 2013

Volume 1: Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Thickening Shampoo

I'm on a mission to boost my hair. It's looking a little rubbish due to growing the henna out and I want it to look as healthy as possible to balance out the horrific colour. So over this month I'll be reviewing a selection of hair products (notably products with volumising properties) that I've been trying out recently.

This is the first volumising product I bought and I loved it instantly. It will be a definate repurchase.

Packaging: 5/5
I looooove the packaging. I love the colour, the logo, the shape. It's great. And you can't beat a shampoo with a flick lid at the bottom - instant product every time when you need it.

Scent: 4/5
I've knocked a point off this one because although I get faint whiffs of it throughout the day, it doesn't linger as much as I'd like it to as it smells lovely.

Performance: 5/5
I feel my hair lift when I've used this product. It's a really easy way of putting a little oomph into my hair, which is usually really straight and limp. It also helps hold any style I put my hair in and it tames any flyaways too - miracle product.

Texture: 5/5
It's a thick product to thicken my hair. It foams well so I only need to use a tiny amount meaning the product lasts ages. I like that it matts my hair a little so it gives it a base to shape, can't fault it.

Overall: 5/5. Nuff said.

Total: 24/25

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