31 May 2013

Recently finished: Skinology Tea Tree Face Scrub

I've been quite luck recently and my skin has been quite calm. I'm using a mixture of several facewashes some of which I've featured here, here and here. This one however is by far the cheapest and probably the easiest to get hold of.

I got this from Wilkinsons a few months ago and have used it whenever I've felt like my skin needed a good perk up. It only cost a couple of pounds and it's a ridiculously good product that does exactly what it says it will. I love a good exfoliator - you know me, go for it whole hog or don't bother -   and this has a great mix of cleansing product and little particles to give your pores a good once over.

Packaging: 3/5
I like that I can see the product because then I know exactly what I'm buying. It has exactly what I need to know on the back and it has a simple logo and font. However, yes it's cheap, but it looks cheap and it also looks a bit tatty after I've used it for a while - hence the 3 out of 5.

Scent: 5/5
It's tea tree and you can smell that instantly. It also claims to have peppermint oil thrown in there too and to an extent I can smell it, but the tea tree overpowers it. I love it either way because tea tree smell like 'clean' to me.

Texture: 4/5
I like the particles and the size of them as they're not too rough on my skin. I've given it 4 because I feel that that's the best part of the product. The gel-like consistency isn't my favourite, but the quality of the exfoliation makes up for that.

Performance: 5/5
I can't fault this product. Despite it being a low end beauty buy it cleans my skin beautifully and I use it on a night before bed to strip off all the makeup and grime of the day. Since using it my skin has calmed down a lot.

Overall: 4/5
I've knocked it down a mark because of the gel consistency, but other than that it's a great product and I'd recommend it to anyone (problem skin or otherwise) on a budget.

Total: 21/25


  1. This looks like a really good budget buy :)

    1. I think so! I'll be trying out a few different products from the range soon, so I hope they're good too x