15 Apr 2013

Avon Intensive Moisture Hand Cream

Olie's mum gave me this for Christmas and I was quite dubious as to how good it would be. I've used moisturisers that claim to be great 'intensive' products and they've flopped. So I looked at this and didn't get my hopes up.

Packaging: 4/5
It's clean looking, but I'm not an avid fan of the blue and yellow colours at play here. That's the only thing that I dislike about it. I like all the information on the front and back and I also like (although it's really unnecessary for me) the other languages on it too. Makes me think that if it's good worldwide then it'll be just great for me too.

Scent: 3/5
It smells of itself. It doesn't really have a smell, but I can tell I have it on my hands - almost like a car cleaner when you smell 'cleanliness' but it doesn't have a particular scent. It's okay, but not really nice to sniff.

Texture: 5/5
Full marks. It's a thick gel like substance that rubs in incredibly well. It does take a reasonable amount of product to cover my hands, but at the same time as that's a bit annoying, I don't mind because it's a nice feeling once I've got it on them.

Durability/performance: 4/5
This lasts quite well. Only 'quite' well because on some of the rougher patches on my hands, it doesn't work as well as it probably should for an 'intensive' product. On the average dry patches it works wonders and my hands feel really soft when I use it.

Overall: 3/5
I know I've given this a low overall mark despite giving it high throughout this post, however this product is one I try to avoid rather than use. I know that when I do use it, my hands will feel lovely, but getting to the stage where I want to apply it and feel the benefit is overpowered by the effort of rubbing it in and having to use a ton to moisturise my drier patches.

Total: 19/25

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