5 Mar 2013

Chapstick Lipsations Shimmer Duo

I was given these to review the other day. I'm not a lipstick person, or a lipgloss or a lip salve person. I'm a stick-of-goodness-on-my-lips kinda gal so I jumped at the chance to get my paws on some of these.

Packaging: 3/5
This is classic ChapStick packaging in my eyes. Its got all the information you need on it and not a lot else. I've given it 3 out of 5 because although it's nice, it's not great.

Scent/flavour: 5/5
This is super, epic, mentally over flavoured. I love it. As soon as I pulled the cap off I can smell it instantly. The berry is most definately berry. The tropical smells like a fruit cocktail. These don't disappoint. As for taste neither of them taste bad, nor do they taste precisely like their namesakes, but even so I have to stop myself licking it off every time I apply.

Texture: 5/5
It has a lovely soft, thin texture. I usually go for something thick and slapped on, but this is completely the opposite and I like it just as much. I sometimes find that products like this can be greasy and I suppose to a degree it is, but not enough to feel uncomfortable on my lips. 

Durability/performance: 4/5
Longevity wise, this lasts a reasonably long time. It sinks into my lips quickly so I can feel the difference from using instantly, the shimmer lasts a good few hours (even if I'm biting my nails, rubbing my face or whatever) and I feel quite pampered wearing it.

Overall: 4/5. For this kind of weather where one day it can be warm, one day it can be cold and the next super windy, I think this product is great. I especially like how fruity they both are and how they don't taste bad (because I have a habit of licking off any product I put on my lips - hence my dislike of lipstick). I've knocked off a point because I'm unsure whether I would purchase, even if they are only£1.99 a piece. Although I like the product, it doesn't beat or match my personal favourite - Burt's Bees, which for me feels more healing than this one does. However, on the other hand, ChapStick have tried to make this product more appealing, beauty wise, rather than medicinal. They recommend using this over the top of lipstick to give it more shine and I think it would do a lovely job. 

In total: 16/25

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