7 Feb 2013

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream

When this slid out of the bag, I though 'wheyyy a brand I've seen knocking about the blogs and has a pretty even keel of positive reviews.' I liked the little write up on the back of the box, I liked that it has several ingredients I know work well with my type of hand skin and it's also got antioxidants thrown in there too. What more could a girl ask for?

Packaging: 5/5
I like this type of packaging. It's clean, simple and informative. I especially like the sentence "Always use the correct amount for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact." If I knew what that meant in relation to how me moisturising my hands affects the environment, I would probably be more impressed, as it is I don't, although it does suggest to me that the company has a high regard for their own environmental impacts - which is commendable. Well done Trilogy. Overall, the packaging looks like the product knows what it's doing, it's been tested out correctly and gives me faith that the product will do well.

Scent: 4/5
I really like the scent of this product. It's a "sophisticated sweet orange, amber and vanilla fragrance." The orange hits you like a brick, it's a really citrus-y smell, but still remains clean with a hint of the vanilla. I have no idea what amber smells like so I'm just going along with that bit, but definitely orange and definitely vanilla. And because of it's sweet pungence, I give this a 4 out of 5. I almost want to slap a load on to make sure people can smell me and thank me for smelling so good. The smell wears off reasonably fast however, but if you touch your face a couple of hours later the smell still lingers close to the skin and I can smell it sometimes if I'm waving or flapping my hands about (as you do).

Texture: 4/5
It spreads nicely although I do use quite a lot to make sure I have enough to make a difference to the dryness of my hands. I've started using this on a morning after I've washed my hair (as the shampoo and warm water combo makes them really dry) because it's light enough to give them a quick boost without being so heavy I can't get on with applying my face or styling my hair. I've even begun using it as a face moisturiser underneath my makeup as I apply it to my hands and my face feels really refreshed afterwards. I've given it a 4 because it's a good non greasy product and it's quickly absorbed which are two things I like in a moisturiser.

Durability/performance: 2.5/5
I find this cream a bit too thin for the purpose it says to use it for.  My hands are in need of a "deeply moisturising" moisturiser and, despite it claiming to be just that, the consistency of the product is too wishywashy to actually achieve what it's aiming to do. It does sink in fast and I can feel the difference once I've used it, unlike the Australian moisturiser, however I was slightly disappointed that it doesn't attack the dry patches or stay long enough on them to make much of a difference when I go outside for long periods of time (aka. shopping). It's good for a quick boost, like I said before, but for longevity I would reach for other products to back this one up so unfortunately I give this a 2.5.

Overall: I give this moisturiser a 3 out of 5. I really like the product - the smell and the packaging are great - but the product doesn't actually do a great deal of what it says it does, which is a disappointment. Having said that I do use it regularly, for little pick-me-ups and would recommend it to anyone with slightly dry hands that want to maintain them during the cold period. For those of you, like me, with slightly rougher, dry hands I'd say give this a go and see what you make of it. I think this is a product that will react differently to different hands.

In total: 18.5/25

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