17 Feb 2013

Colour B4 on Henna.

I've been henna-ing my hair for three years. I use Caca Rouge from Lush and it's made my hair thicker, stronger and longer. I love the effect henna has on my hair, but I'm ready for the same change I needed when I first started using henna.

So I stopped dying my hair every time I felt a needed a root touch up. As of today (Feb) I haven't dyed my hair since November. I've been using washing up liquid as shampoo over the last month  (obviously with a load of conditioner involved too) to try and fade the colour build up and yes, it got a tad lighter, but not much and my roots were really stark and dull compared to the rich redness of the length. I started looking for other options.

Henna is a permanent dye. There is no sure fire way of removing it. Options that can help fade it include:

Using oil
Using lemon
Using honey

I tried oil. Nothing happened. I've used Big numerous times whilst dying my hair and that has a good portion of lemon in it. Nothing happened. So I thought, this isn't going to work.

Cue Colour B4.

The product itself states it has no effect on hennaed hair. However after a quick Google search I found a lot of people claiming that it lightened the henna and on some actually completely removed it. There were some comments of hair going an odd colour, but those mainly revolved around chemical dyes. I got the Extra version of the CB4 as my hair is reasonably dark from using the henna over a long period of time. It cost me just under £10 from Wilkinsons.

First things first, I cleaned my hair is Aussie Mega Shampoo and dried it throughly. Then it's like a normal hair dye kit where you mix two pots together and squeeze it on. I left it on for an hour with my hair wrapped in clingfilm. I have long, thin hair and there was more than enough product to cover the length and scalp. It didn't sting my head at all and although it smelt weird, it didn't smell as bad as some reviewers said it would. After an hour I rinsed for 6 minutes (my mum timed everything) and I noticed my hair looked lighter, then used the Buffer to clean my hair twice. The whole process took about 2 hours from start to finish.

My hair feels quite dry, but is still soft and I think when I wash it tomorrow morning with conditioner, it'll return to it's normal state.

The finished hair colour isn't exactly what I was after. I wanted my hair to go back to brown, but it's just a lighter shade of ginger. I do really like the shade though and I don't think I'll be using the product straight away again (like I thought I might if I went light ginger). I'm not ruling out not using it ever again, because I'd really like to get back to my natural colour, but I think it has more of a chance of naturally growing and fading out now rather than getting an obvious colour line around my head as my roots grow.

These are some before pictures (If you want to see bigger versions of these pictures, just click on them):

And this is after using the Colour B4 this afternoon:

I know it doesn't really show up that well in the light of the photo's but my hair is much browner and definately lightened the deepness of the rouge. It's quite 'streaky' in appearance with some areas looking redder than others and some lighter brown patches, but overall, the product has definately changed my hair towards the desired colour and I'm pleased it's not turned green or dramatically affected my hair for the worse.

I would definately recommend it for removing henna from hair, but don't expect miracles and it won't lift the colour completely from your hair straight away. I thought it was quite a steeply priced product alongside other home kits, but the results are good and I'd repurchase should I ever need to remove hairdye again.

I'd give this product an overall 4/5.

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