1 Jul 2012


I've heard many a good thing about Aussie and they're on offer pretty much everywhere at the moment, including work so I took advantage of my staff discount and bought 3 for £10. I got:

Mega shampoo, Miracle Moist shampoo and the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
(I'd have taken a picture of the conditioner, but I've had a massive cleanout and thrown the bottle away)

I've always been a fan of Tresemme, mainly because they have large bottles and my hair feels smoother after use, but since trying Aussie, I don't think I'll go back. Not even on my meagre wage. My hair is so so soft and looks stunning - though I say so myself.

The Miracle Moist shampoo really restores 'unhappy' hair. When my hair feels a bit sad I tend to redye it because the henna gets inside the hair and strengthens it. This shampoo does the same, or it feels like it does the same. I only use a tiny blob of this shampoo and it lathers up lovely to cover my entire head and the length of my hair, then rinse out. I could probably leave my hair as it is with this shampoo, but I've used the Miracle Conditioner every time I've washed my hair since I bought it. Albeit, not all over my head and not for 3 minutes every time, but it still compliments the shampoo even with a limited time frame and only on the ends of my hair.

The bottle of the conditioner is a 'face down' style bottle (as most of you will probably already know) and has a bottom that allows product to be squeezed through as and when you need it, an especially good feature that I think more brands should pick up on and utilize. I don't have a shower and because of that I don't bathe every day, I do however, most days, wash my hair under the bath taps, so this easy-to-squeeze feature really does get the thumbs up from me, as does the product's ability to easily spread about. Saves on time and on product.

The result of using these two products together really enhanced my hair. I like how it's become shinier, looks healthier and I believe it to have helped me accept my hair more how it lies naturally, rather than straightening it to bits - inevitably damaging it - and so recently my hair ends have become much less abused.

Concentrating on the conditioner, I've only left it on for three minutes about four or five times. My boyfriend forgot he'd put it on and left it until his hair was almost dry before realising and washing it out. Touching his hair was like stroking a well groomed Yorkshire Terrier. He has incredibly thick curly/wavy hair and this made it silky smooth, felt light and his curls became well defined - and he looked rather nice afterwards too.
My hair on the other hand does that too, but feels a little flat. I know I shouldn't expect everything, but I wouldn't use this for the recommended time all over my head unless I was at home all day, putting my hair up or if my hair was so frazzled I had no other choice. However, and this is quite a large however, I LOVE putting it on the ends of my hair for as long as I can. Like I said my hair has been quite abused and it's the ends that need my particular attention. The conditioner is perfect for looking after them.
It's like the conditioner cradles my hair and massages it back into health. It's so random how fast my hair can go from feeling a bit meh and frizzy at the ends to feeling super smooth and happy. Three minutes fast to be exact. I've already bought and used two bottles of this conditioner and on my boyfriends orders, we'll be buying it again.

I bought the Mega shampoo really because since this improvement when using the Miracle Moist and Three Minute Conditioner I thought it was time to take a step back and let my hair do it's thang a bit until it needs a bit of a boost again.

This (and actually each of these three products) shampoo does exactly what it claims to. My hair feels light, soft and CLEAN after use. I can use it every day without feeling like I'm stripping my hair of anything, but really, after using this shampoo my hair stays relatively clean for the next few days. I only  wash my hair these days to get rid of any kinks that my sleeping position or hair style from the previous day has instilled on my barnet, rather than before when I HAD to wash it because it looked as though I'd had a hot flush for the whole night and you could see every bump on my scalp. It works well alongside the conditioner as this shampoo lifts my roots while the conditioner moisturises the ends. SO both ends of my hair look great and I feel great because of it.

As I said, in ASDA at the moment, all Aussie products are 3 for £10, in Sainsbury's (last time I checked) they were 2 for £7 and there's a little offer on them going on in Wilkinson as well. I haven't seen them full price anywhere recently so grab a bottle, or two or three!

Have you used Aussie products and if so which is your favourite?


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