11 Jun 2012

Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar

Recently I was contacted by a company called Syrinx Za and asked if I would like to try out one of their products. The product they were actually promoting suited me down to a tee so I agreed and a couple of days later I received my Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar in the post. I was impressed by the quality of communication and how fast the sample was sent out to me and if you receive and email from them, I would recommend replying and communicating with them. Lovely people!

Onto the product.

The packaging isn't particularly pretty, but I think the design suits the way the product is meant to help ailments and has an actual function (not that foundations and concealers don't, but you get the gist) so the simplicity of the packaging appealed to me because of that. 

The product claims to "naturally hydrate and moisturise" and help with "dry, cracked sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, shaving rash, acne and warts." I've mentioned about a million times that I have extremely dry skin on my hands which regularly crack and bleed in the most inconvenient places - not that anywhere on your hand can be considered 'convenient', but there are definately more places you DON'T want your hands to bleed than others. Currently my hands have been doing quite well because the warm weather helps my hands recover from any cracks quite quickly, however I have a few patches that have refused to go.

These are my before photo's.

As you can see my left hand has the brunt of dry cracked skin at the moment. Usually along my knuckles and between my fingers, especially between my thumb and forefinger // forefinger and middle finger. At one stage, I had a horrible deep crevasse in between my forefinger and middle finger which stayed for about a month (you'll be surprised how much you need to spread your hands on a day to day basis) before I took off the dead skin, down to good bleeding skin, with nail scissors and taped up my two fingers. Extreme measures for extreme times. Usually that happens between my thumb and forefinger so obviously they last a lot longer than a month unless I have a couple of days off work where I just refuse to do anything - which doesn't happen too often in my household. If any of you suffer from dry crack prone skin, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

So I was quite excited about trying out this soap.

One of the upsides to this product is that it is 100% natural and chemical free. I quite like that and if you've read back a bit, you'll know I use henna on a regular basis because that too is chemical free and has made my hair much thicker, longer and healthier. With this in mind I was hoping that the soap would do the same kind of thing to my skin.

This is the size of 'sample' I was sent. I expected, maybe a sliver of a block, but no, a whole bar! It weighs in at about 90g, which for something you use a couple - maybe a few more - times a day is quite hefty. I use it morning and night and whenever I'm home and feel the urge to wash my hands. Literally the second the postman brought it to my door I tried it and I could instantly feel how velvety the soap made my hands feel.

When you wash your hands and you have dry skin, firstly just putting your hands under water hurts. It stings. Then when you add a cleanser to the mix it stings even more, especially if you have a crack. But it's imperative that you clean your hands thoroughly because you don't want your hands to get infected or become worse off. So you persevere and keep washing your hands. And then you have to dry your hands. When I was little at one stage I told my mum I wanted a hand dryer installed in my house when I grew up because drying your hands on a towel is agony. So, when you come across a soap that actually protects the area, it is actual heaven.  

This soap is heaven in a bar. If you read the website, it actually explains exactly what I've just said and I'm really impressed a company has taken into consideration that washing hands with skin like mine is a painful experience and discovered a way to help aid and heal the skin instead of harshly cleansing the surface.

I washed my hands like normal under a warm tap, the soap lathers nicely and spreads over my hands nice. It didn't sting on my cracked area and on the other dry points it just glided over and cleaned, like it's meant to. Then I felt it working. A good soap moisturises your hands even after you've finished washing so after a quick rinse I dried my hands (roughly, because that's how I do it, cracked hands or no) and sat down. It's like a layer of moisture laid on my hands, protecting them from becoming dry. I can't really explain how nice and good it feels. It makes my hands feel supple, elastic and most of all CLEAN! None of the lather gets stuck in the dry skin and it doesn't feel itchy after washing which some other soaps do.

I've had this soap for two weeks now and used it regularly in this time. Although my hands are still cracked I put this down to the kind of work I do and the cracks are definately not as deep as they haven't bled since beginning to use this bar. To be honest, I haven't been using it as my main hand wash of choice as I wash my hands at work, whilst doing the washing up, at a different sink in a different house, so I suppose if I'd been using it alone and every time I wash my hands then I might have seen a more improved result. I'd show you some after photo's, but they are pretty much the same except the cracks are not of the bleeding kind so I'm not going to. I might if I can, take a piece of soap off and place it next to every sink I might possibly use and then update you on what effect it has if you use it consistently, but that'll be for another time.

The most beneficial thing I HAVE noticed about this is the effect it has had on my face. Now, unlike my hands, I have been using this consistently as my facewash as I wash my face in the same sink morning and night. I wish I'd taken before photos, but unfortunately not, because the difference is really, for me, dramatic. I had quite bad skin when I first began using it with a major breakout on my chin, but within days my skin had cleared up and even the redness of past spots was becoming less and less prominent. I also have quite ruddy cheeks, which is a tad annoying as I have freckles and don't particularly want to cover up the freckles to get rid of the redness, however I have noticed a difference in how red and ruddy my cheeks and whole face seems. My complexion is much more even and I feel much more confident about the state of my skin. That's not to say I haven't had spots since beginning using the soap, but they've have come up overnight, been popped and within 24 hours my face has returned to it's now normal state. I'm very impressed.

The only downside to using this as a facewash is that it's obviously not designed to be used for that purpose. I got some in my eye and I'm pretty sure I was blinded for a few moments. So definately use a wash designed for eye areas instead of this, but for everywhere else it's really really good.

One thing I haven't yet talked about is the smell. It reminds me a lot of something you'd find in Lush, as it smells 'outdoorsy'. Not unpleasant, but not unscented either. I quite like it, but it's definately not been subtly fragranced with flowers. The nearest thing I can compare it to is oats and I'm not opposed to oats so it's all good.

In an email from the lovely lady I communicated with, she recommended rubbing the soap directly onto dry hands and leaving it to soak into them overnight. I tried this once and managed to cover everything else but my hands during the night so I'll be investing in some of those cotton gloves and trying it that way instead of winging it and covering the bedsheets instead.

For a 90g bar of the Deep Cleansing Therapy soap it's £13. It's not what I would pay for a bar of soap, but this is rather excellent and I would recommend it, if like me, you have a certain condition that needs special attention. For that reason, I think £13 is a decent price and I'm so grateful I was sent a sample.

Have any of you tried a product designed for a certain skin type and been impressed? If so, I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Hi Joanna,

    Thank you so much for your honest and informative post, we loved that you called the Therapy Bar "Heaven in a Bar"!

    Yes, I would say that you need to use the soap when ever you wash your hands to prevent other harsh soaps taking away the benefits, then I'm sure you will notice more of a difference.

    I use it on my face too and have noticed that I no longer have any dry patches like I used to but I have never got any in my eye, ouch. I will pass that information on.

    Sorry about the bed sheets, I did just have mine on the backs of my hands so I didn't think of that. And almost when the bar is dry, sticky dry and then rub on.

    See how you get on with the Therapy bar, you may well find that you could use the Therapy Cream in your skin care routine.

    Thanks again

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