10 Jan 2012

Clinique Foaming Cleanser

I got quite a few products for Christmas, so I'm well stocked up on things to review. One of the products I've used most often since receiving it (from my Grandma!) is the Clinique rinse-off foaming cleanser.

I've used this nightly over the past couple of weeks and it's taken me that long to figure out just how much product I need to use in order to wash my face. By this I mean that at first I put a good blob in my hands foamed it up then covered my face, my hair, my neck - it went everywhere and it covered everywhere really thoroughly, much to my despair. After a few uses, a tiny pea sized blob of this product can easily cover your face and neck and you could probably do a full body wash with it too if you ever had occasion to. The foaming action really does work.

Smell wise, it doesn't have one. Just a clean smell, but no fragrances which is nice when you're about to put other products on or if you're about to go to bed.

The texture is luxurious, soft, creamy and just an all round nice feeling to wash your face with. It doesn't tighten the skin unlike some other products I've used.

It states on the back to avoid the eye area, but if you're anything like me then the most part of my makeup is around my eyes. It works well getting off eyeliner, mascara etc, but because of the foamy action, about a gallon of water is needed to get the product out of my eyes afterwards as it foams up between my eyelids as I rub away at them. It stings, so I'd recommend having that cold tap on for when it works it's way in there.

Despite the fact it's probably making my eyesight even worse than it already is, it does warn against how I use it and I do fully love this product. Since using it I haven't had one spot appear and any existing spots have disappeared. My skin feels soft and I feel very confident about my appearance. I would recommend this product to anyone. Although this product is aimed towards people with 'normal' skin, I have combination with oily and dry patches in places and it works wonders for me so I'd completely disregard the advice on the product for that one (on the Boots website however, it says the product is suitable for those with dry combination to normal skin, which backs up what I've found. It's very moisturising and is great for this kind of weather at the moment in the UK where it's really biting cold outside and there's central heating on inside).

This product costs £15.50 for 150ml. I think this is really good considering that it actually works and you only need a tiiiiny bit to take off ALL of your makeup or just freshen your face so it'll last forever. I'm really pleased with how my face has reacted to using this product and I hope you'll feel the same should you choose to purchase it.



  1. I use the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap, and its really good but I do find with Clinique products it brings me out with dry areas on my face (may just be me haha) But lovely post, and I defo might check this out! :)

  2. lovely review! please do more reviews on skin care and more clinique reviews please! xx

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