5 Dec 2011

Keromask Concealer

Last week I was offered a sample pack of camouflage concealers and finishing powers from the Keromask Range. Due to a semi-recent outburst of prolonged spottage on my face I thought this might help me not feel so self conscious walking about at Uni or at home.

My boyfriend's mum actually pointed at my face and said 'What's that?' and when I replied spots she said she'd never seen spots look like that so I must have an infection. Great, thanks there.

So not only do I have to contend with looking at my face just after I wake up and avoid strangers looking at me during the day, I have family members wondering why my face has decided to explode.

Here's my before (brace yourself):

No, I didn't wash my hair today, but you can see my great chin spots. They're more like open wounds at the moment because I pick them relentlessly - which means more spots keep acoming. I also suffer from a bit of rosacea. This was taken after being sat indoors bashing out some essays for the most part of the day (the rest of the day I spent sleeping). So as you could probably tell it gets a lot worse when I go outside and especially when the weather starts getting cold.

Another reason I took up the offer of this little sample pack. I say small, it's quite amazing how much product they have in the little pouches. I chose the 'light' pack and as I'm quite fair it's a joy to find a range of pale shades, from almost white to reasonably dark.

I'll be able to use these until Christmas I reckon!
The first thing I noticed is that consistency wise they're reasonably thick - obviously good for coverage. It's not hard to blend and a little goes a very very long way. I dipped my fingertip into the little pouch and dabbed it about on my face before blending with my bog standard foundation brush.

At first I thought, oh no, because it's very thick and I tend to get bored of 'doing' my face quite quickly so it took me a longer-than-ordinary amount of time for the product to sit well on my face. To be honest I'm still not completely happy with the result of the product all over my face. I think it looks far too obvious on my skin and in places has 'rubbed up' and looks really, for want of a better word, horrible and highlights my massive pores. On the other hand though, I am incredibly happy with how well it covers the redness and to a degree my 'wounds'. Only to a degree, because of the 'rubbed upness' so in a way it almost pinpointed the fact I have epic spots.

I kind of blame myself for this though, because I only have the aforementioned bog standard foundation brush and I did it really quite quickly so I think that after a bit of practice I might be able to make it look a bit better.

I love the way that dabbing a bit of a few colours on my face meant that the product didn't make me look ridiculous and orange/too pale and leave me with a tideline on my neck. For blending in with your natural complexion, this product is THE BEST. I honestly have never used a concealer or foundation that is practically the same colour as my own skin. They're always a liiiitle bit off. This is perfect.

Seeing as it's designed for people with obvious scarring or redness, it manages to match itself incredibly well and I would buy it again for this sole reason. Below is my 'after' photo.

Yay, no redness! You can blates still see my spotty area, but it's not as obvious and since Olie's come home he's already said I look different (in a good way). I'm slightly concerned about the 'rubbed upness' but I think with time I'll manage to overcome that as this product is such a good coverup and actually an overall epically good coverage foundation. For someone with an obvious skin problem or scar I'd completely recommend it and I'd also recommend the little sample pack to try first because then you can find the exact right shade to match your complexion. I think it's about £3 or £4 on the Keromask website.

Overall, an epic product.

Ps. Apologies for the bad quality photos of my face. For some reason I couldn't flickr or picnik them without them being horizontal so I had to enlarge them on my mac, with disgustingly blurry outcomes :(


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  1. This post is so good! Really helpful, I'm going through the worst break out at the moment so thank you!

    I love the detail to what you write, so I've added your blog to my 'Other Reads' page on my blog, a list of blogs that inspire me :)

    Hope thats okay!
    elissex.blogspot.com xx