20 Nov 2011

Avene Cold Body Lotion with Cold Cream

I actually got sent this product way back in September by the lovely Avene crew. I've been using it A LOT recently, especially since the drop in temperature these past two weeks so I think I'm in a pretty good position to give a review.

The details on the back of the product say "It leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated, with restored comfort and suppleness." It most definately does.

As I suffer from dry skin really easily I was proper pleased to receive this product as it's formulated especially for people with dry or very dry sensitive skin.

Firstly, the packaging. I LOVE the packaging. The pump makes it really easy to use. I'm one of these people that tend to forget to use products or find it a bit of a faff trying to screw a lid back onto a product with greasy hands, so this pump is the main reason I've been using regularly. I've put it near my kitchen sink, had it next to my bed, on the coffee table and at one point actually in my car because it is SO handy to have about, just to give my hands or elbows or even face a bit of a lift.

It comes in a 400ml bottle and although this might sound quite meaty, it's not too bad to transport around the home and I think it looks rather nice next to my washing up liquid, so after I've burnt and cracked my hands with the excessive use of Fairy, like I said before, it's incredibly handy to whack a bit of this on.

The actual product is a dream. I've mentioned many many times on this blog about my aversion to greasy products - I hate the feeling of my trousers or tights soaking up the product that's left on my legs/body after I've applied. There is no such issue with this product. I liberally slap on a load of this all over myself after I bathe and (apart from the ease of using the pump) it makes my skin feel all silky.

When I use it Olie notices immediately when he holds my hands or when we spoon in bed. He KNOWS when I've used it because I feel so soft. I love the feeling.

It's helped with my hands a lot and it's helped my legs as I also suffer quite a bit after I shave. It soothes really well and I'd totally recommend it as a kind of aftershave product. I've never really been able to shave and go around with bare legs without showing off a lovely rash before so when summer comes around again, I'll be using this almost daily (not that I haven't recently).

I also want to mention the smell. It does have a smell, but it's not offensive and it's not at all flowery. The website says it's formulated especially for people with sensitive skin so although there is a subtle scent, it's not too harsh on the nose or the skin. I have to say I like it. It's as if you've used a nice shower gel and throughout the day you occasionally smell it, but instead of smelling like 'lemon' or 'strawberry' or something in particular, it just smells clean, like a nice soap should.

I hope that makes sense, but if you smelt it I think that's how you'd describe it too.

I can't find this exact product on Boots, but they do stock other parts of the Avene moisturizing range. If you click on the Boots link, it'll take you to my search results hopefully. The US site says that this product costs around $27.00 and judging by the costs of the other products, I'd say if you find the product in the UK, expect to pay over £20. And actually, I'd pay that.

I'm a cheapskate, but I would definately hand on heart buy this once I've used it. And I'll definately be buying some of the other products from this range and totally recommend them to anyone out there who needs a bit of a skin boost.

I hope some of you find this review helpful. I've tried to give it a bit of time to find out if there are actually any bad points about this product. If I'd say anything, maybe the pump squirts are a little small considering it's designed as a body cream, but due to that, it's perfect if you want to moisturise your hands or face throughout the day too.

Epic product.


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