23 Sep 2011

Save the Nail 45 Second Top Coat

It's been about a month(ish) since I got this product and I thought it was fitting to give a review now seeing as I used it on holiday too.

Although I'll debate the drying time it claims, I was very impressed with how quickly I could get on with doing whatever I wanted to do after applying. Unlike other polishes I've used that tend to smudge 5 minutes after application, this dries within a minute/ minute and a half at most.

I did my toenails with a Maybelline red varnish (which I'll review soon) two weeks ago now and I'm very happy with how they've lasted. The tips have rubbed off due to walking on the beach, but that's to be expected.

The only thing I was disappointed with was that the colour dulled over the weeks. I don't know if I should have expected it or not, but I thought that the top coat might have stayed shiney longer so that was my only qualm.

At the moment all of the Save the Nail range is on offer at Boots, with either 'save a 1/3' or on a 3 for 2. For under £5 at the moment I would totally recommend this product and I'm tempted to go back and try out a few other products from this range whilst they're on offer.

With regards to the Base Coat I reviewed last time, I've kept tabs on what the product claimed and what I experienced.

The first claim which I was most drawn in by, the technology to keep the colour in place worked and also didn't work. My toenails have remained intact and the colour has stayed EXACTLY where I put it. For me, this is a major plus. I have very very tiiiny little toe toenails so when I put colour on them, they tend to rub off quite quickly and easily. The colour has stayed on my little toenails for the last two weeks so I'm very impressed.

My fingernails however, are a completely different story. I bite my nails so I was hoping the varnish would stick quite securely to my nails and survive my nibbling. This wasn't the case and at some points I was able to peel the colour completely off my nail. For those of you who bite their nails, you'll understand how impossible it is to stop yourself from pulling and peeling at your nails once you've found the snag. So I was a little disappointed by that, even though it's my fault.

Despite that however, the nails that I didn't bite, did not chip or flake or peel. A MASSIVE win for the product.

For the second claim, I've just removed the varnish from my toes and my nails look as fresh as ever. I'm very impressed.

The third claim I'm not really sure how I can vouch for if it worked or not. The gap between the base of my nail and the edge of my varnish has increased massively, but I don't think they've grown any faster than they usually do. I do think though that my nails have gotten much stronger. Usually the corners of my toenails snap and peel off, but when cleaning under them today, they showed no sign of weakness.

Overall I love both these products and would recommend them to anyone. I will definately be going back to Boots and trying out some of the alternative base coats in the future.


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