28 Aug 2011

Save the Nail Colour Extending Base Coat

Since I've found a job, I've felt a bit better about spending money on myself. It's been a while, but I have a new product for you!

I had my toenails done professionally at the start of the month and was seriously impressed with how long they lasted chip/smudge/dull free. I literally only took the colour off this past weekend after having them done the first weekend in August.

I have never used a base coat before. I generally use some Sally Hanson miracle grow stuff that doesn't really work for what it's meant to do, but looks good as a top coat and I used it as a bottom coat too. Probably not meant to, but I did.

Anyway after my file and polish, I decided enough was enough and I should treat my nails and give myself proper manicures/pedicures regularly. So I bought this base coat. Notice that it's developed by Nails Inc and cost me around £5 (for me that's a lot of money), so I'm hoping that my nails will last as long as the OPI stuff the lady used on my nails before.

After I took the previous polish off, I soaked my feet, cleaned up the nails, gave my feet a moisturise, applied this and my Topshop Carry on Camping green polish. I have to say that the polish has remained intact so far and applied much easier than normal. I'm not sure what exact difference using a base coat should give, but we'll give it a few weeks and see how long/well my polish has lasted.

There are numerous things this base coat is meant to help with:

1. It claims to use acrylic vinyl technology to help the colour you choose STAY where you put it. So, it shouldn't break off or peel at any point whilst you wear it.

2. If you're anything like me, when I put ANY polish on, clear or colour, my nails go a horrible yellowy orange colour beneath. So when I take it off my nails look disgusting. This base coat says it'll help protect against staining when wearing a polish.

3. Apparently it contains Okoume SE (not quite sure what this is) but the explanation that comes with the product indicates that it's to do with protecting the keratin in the nails meaning your nails should stay strong and grow long.

I'll be keeping an eye on my nails over the next few weeks and keep you updated on these three points in particular. Any questions, feel free to ask below :)


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  1. hmm I was looking at this the other day and put it back down, let me know how it goes i may purchase