27 Apr 2011

Warm Silken Sun Gradual Self Tan

I've posted a fair few fake tan reviews over the past 18 months, but I find that if you get these wrong, you get them really wrong and any advice on them is extremely helpful.

I went into Boots aaages ago now and bought some Vita Liberata gradual tan. I'm really really pale so I thought a gradual tan to bring me into summer would be better than some instant stuff.


The write up on the bottle is quite appealing. It claims to be 'odourless' and 'perfect for pale skin'. Bonus, or so I thought. Apparently 99% of people say this tan has no smell. Well I must be in the 1% then, because it reeks. This product is by no means odourless. It smells very musky, but with a hint of something that seems to me like they thought 'oops, lets make it smell a bit better'. But it failed.

After looking on their website, they have changed the packaging since I bought mine and it looks a lot cleaner than the one I have. It's still the same sizing though at £11.95 for 200ml. I took a bit of a gamble with this one as I think it's a tad steep for what it is and I don't think I'd pay that price again.

Despite saying that I do like it. A bit. It feels very moisturising and silky (as you'd expect from the name) on the skin and I'd be happy to apply it daily - if it weren't for the smell. I applied some on my arms this morning. It's now 5pm and I can still smell it on me. The consistency is very runny and it doesn't sink in very quickly which is a tad annoying, but if I was to tan my whole body then I suppose it would be easy to see where I'd been. It sits on the skin for a fair few minutes looking white and almost sudocreme like, then with a quite rub in afterwards it disappears.

I've used it over my st Moritz and I think it's worked very well at topping me up and keeping me moisturised. A little went a long way and with two squeezes I covered my arm and shoulder area. Like I said before, I would like to use it daily, but I really don't think my nose will let me.

Overall, I like this product and think it would be suitable for a pale skinned person wanting to build up a tan gradually. If you can tolerate the skin, I'd recommend it, but I think personally I won't be repurchasing.


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