24 Mar 2011

Lush Oatifix

It takes me a while to get round to buying new products to test out/use and then get back to you and I really do apologise for how slow I am with producing something interesting for you to read.

However, what with Christmas and our usual purchases from Lush we found we'd accumulated 5 Black Pots. Instead of throwing them out or using them as plant pots or something along those lines, you can take them back (I'm pretty sure most of you are aware of this) and get a free Fresh Face Mask.

As I'm currently really skint, I love it when I suddenly find something that I can cash in, so on Sunday we went into town and got Oatifix.


The little write up on top says:

A blend of bananas, vanilla and oats to cool and nourish. With illipe butter to reduce redness, ground almonds to gently polish and kaolin to cleanse your skin.

I have quite a red face most of the time and at the moment I'm prone to random breakouts so I chose this mask for these reasons.

The first thing I HAVE to point out is the smell. As always Lush make products smell either really nice or really rank and this is a really nice smelling product. Because of the almonds it manages to smell like a bakewell tart and almost as if you could eat it. Olie tried it though, and wouldn't recommend it.

Texture wise, it's definately not what I'd expect of a face mask. It's very flakey and hard to spread over my skin without getting a piece fall into my eye or inhaling a chunk of oaty almondy goodness, but... I do like like it.

Despite it being quite hard to apply, after you've left it on for 10 minutes or so it hardens, like a normal face mask, and then when you begin to wash it off it becomes this creamy gritty face wash and I think it's this part of the whole process that makes a difference to the skin.

After taking it off and patting my face dry, my skin feels so SO much better for it. It's soft, smooth and even my spotty bits feel incredibly clean and not at all itchy or flakey.

On the redness front however, I wasn't expecting too much so I wasn't particularly disappointed with it, but if you do want something to reduce redness DO NOT BUY THIS. I thought it was odd to put large exfoliating oats into a face mask claiming to reduce redness because exfoliating increases blood flow anyway. After using it I honestly look as if I've been running up stairs because all my (already) red bits are glowing.

Despite the annoying lack of what it's supposed to do with regards to redness, I think I would repurchase. I've tried the blueberry face mask and that was lovely, but it tightened my face a bit too much for my liking whereas this mask leaves me wanting to keep touching my face for hours after. For £5.25 the price is a tad steep, but the results do feel amazing and I honestly would cough it up if my skin was feeling a bit sad.

So, I'd recommend this for someone looking for a cleansing softening face mask, but I don't think it would suit someone looking for a complete miracle cure to redness.


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  1. I love your Lush Reviews! Keep them coming please! :) x