17 Mar 2011

Boots 17 Pink Lemonade


Before I start I just want to say this isn't my hand. My nails are so tiny and bitten that there would be no point showing you the colour on them. I hope to grow them this year though.

This is Boots 17 Fast Finish nail polish. It's a lovely pink colour, really fresh and perfect for spring/summer. It takes a few coats to get decent colour, the picture above shows three coats and I'd say that was an average application as I've used it twice and had to apply it multiple times to reach a decent colour.

For £2.99 though it's really cheap and I'd expect to have to apply a couple of coats. I'd definately recommend :)



  1. I have this and I love it! :) Yeah I agree you have to do a few coats, but once you do, the colour is so pretty xx