15 Feb 2011

Ted Baker Heavenly Body Souffle

I got this product for Christmas (I think everyone was trying to tell me something) and I've just hit the bottom of the pot today so I thought it was about time to voice my opinion.


I love the packaging. It's girly, but not over the top and the 250ml pot doesn't look overtly large or boxy like I find the body shop body butters sometimes do.
The first thing about this that I remember noticing is the smell. This is definately not girly. It's not manly either though. It's a good mix of musky and with a light fragrance that lingers only slightly on the skin. At first I was very unsure about it, but it's grown on me to the point I'm using it everyday. I use my normal perfume over the top and I haven't noticed any horrible reactions or smells or anything like that from using the two.

I got this in a gift set with the body spray (which I'll be reviewing soon) and they compliment each other very nicely.

The consistency is very light and soft. I can't really explain it, but the term souffle suits it perfectly. What I particularly like is that because it's light I don't feel greasy after using it and my skin is really really soft for the rest of the day.

You might remember, if you've followed my for a while, that I'm prone to really dry hands and after rubbing this all over my body everyday for the past month or so, my hands are so much better than they were. I've also noted that the dry parts on my ankle and elbows are much softer and smoother too. This is genuinely a great product.

A bonus at the moment is that at Boots it's on the 3 for 2 mix and match and I know that the Body Shop butters are on offer, but at £6.38 I think I'd rather purchase this than one of those (albeit I'd readily buy the Strawberry one any day).

I'd recommend this to people who are after a non-fragranced (or not very fragranced) body moisturiser that doesn't make their skin greasy. I will honestly purchase this myself to replace the one I got for Christmas.

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