19 Feb 2011

Smitten burns

Yesterday I stupidly burnt both my wrists trying to get a pizza out of the oven. I obviously went straight to the sink and put them both under the cold tap, but then I thought what can I do next to stop them blistering.

So I wrapped clingfilm round my right wrist which was much more badly burnt than the left and then sat down to think.

I've attempted to take photos of my welts, but they didn't come out very well in this crappy light so I'll just explain it.

I burnt my left wrist last summer doing the same thing and it blistered up, scabbed and oozed nasty yellow gunge for a while so I was really keen to stop them blistering. I thought about using an antiseptic cream, but the only one I have is really quite thin and it was then, when I thought about consistency that I thought of Smitten.

This is my absolute favourite hand cream and I'm slightly miffed it's been put into the Lush retro shop because I dislike buying online.

Anyways, I slapped a load of this on each wrist, and by slapped I mean slapped, and kept topping up as it sank in. Although today there are nasty red weals that are slightly raised on my wrists, they are nothing compared to how my wrist looked last time and I'm really pleased.

I'd also recommend Smitten if you're going on holiday and are prone to getting sunburn. My brother burnt his calves so much last year that they honestly looked as if he'd spilt tomato puree down them. After two or three days of liberally applying some Smitten they didn't peel and they'd calmed down a heck of a lot (enough so that he could sleep on his backside again and have sheets covering them). Miracle product, honestly.

I've bought three pots of this so far, I finished one over the course of last year (mainly due to my brothers legs) and I'm halfway through my second after buying it about October time. I have a third on my bathroom shelf because, like I said, I don't like buying online so I stocked up. At £6.70 it is expensive, but I pay it because I can rely on it to work. That and I love the smell :)

Have any of you got a miracle product you go back to time and time again?


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