2 Feb 2011


This again is a post where I want to ask you for your advice/comments.

I posted a while ago that I changed the contraceptive pill I was taking so I now take Marvelon instead of the Microgynon 30. However, I went into my local pharmacy yesterday to pick up my next 6 months worth and was told there's been a distribution (or manufacturing) fault and there hasn't been any delivered anywhere nationwide for about two weeks.

Is anyone else on Marvelon? Has anyone else got the problem of only having a few weeks of pills left and a probable chance of not getting any more?

Really worried about what to do!



  1. Go back to the doctor sweets, see if there's an alternative or a way of them getting them directly ordered in?
    I'm sure they'll have a solution to it, i know if my pharmacy is anything to go by where the pills concerned they're awful.

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  3. I found this - they only had 3 months worth to give me, but that was around a month or so ago - my work friends also found the same with a different brand of pill. They tried different pharmacies and eventually got hold of some - its a bit worrying though :/ maybe the ring the doctors and see what theu suggest? x

  4. There is a generic brand that the pharmacy should be able to give you with your marvelon prescription.