26 Jan 2011

Frog Prince

Sorry I haven't posted in ages!
The product I'm going to chat about now is a limited edition bath bomb from Lush.

Before I start, I just want to notify you (if you don't already know) that the Lush UK website has been hacked, so if any of you ordered from the Lush UK website between October 2010 and this month (January 2011) please check your bank statements and just make sure no one has used your details. Due to this infiltration, Lush has completely closed down their UK website until further notice. If you'd like to order anything, they provide a telephone number and also an explaination of what's happened here.

Anyway, cracking on, last night I used the Frog Prince. This a bath bomb in the shape of a green frog with drastic red lips. The first thing I noticed about it was the noise it makes as it fizzes. I'm not a great fan of bath bombs because they usually just fizz about and take ages to go, usually leaving bits at the bottom of the bath. This is nothing like any bomb I've ever used. It dissolves in about a minute flat. It fizzes really loudly and I honestly loved just watching it dissolve. The lips part from the body and kind of eak out an oil type substance that looks a bit like fake blood. It went completely after I wafted it about so if you're a bit squeamish then it's nothing to worry about.

Not only does it have the lips to interest you as you watch it dissolving, but there's a little note tucked inside the body that is released just before it completely goes. It's a nice touch.

Our bath smelt amazing. I know a lot of people just say 'amazing' about Lush products, but this is a real favourite. Even olie said we should stock up on these (and obviously a few of the mushroom/toadstool bubble bars) before they're discontinued until next year.

The colour of our bath was a vivid green. I loved it. I'm sure anyone who likes bath bombs will love it. And even if you're not a fan, try it out. I'm not sure of the price, but it wasn't much and it was definately worth it.


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