30 Jan 2011

Bourjois Liner Feutre


I bought this after searching for an eyeliner that was more of a felt tip than a brush I had to dip in a little pot.
It's currently on offer at Boots so instead of £5.99 it's £4.99, every little helps as Tesco says and it's one of the reasons that I picked this particular product. I hadn't read any reviews before purchasing however, the reviews on the Boots website are rather good.

I wear eyeliner everyday and usually use a liquid liner. I found it quite hard to get my liner just so the first week I used it but since, it's been very simple to apply and takes less time than when I used the liquid version as it's very precise.

I was also very impressed at how dark it is as some liners turn a bit grey or dull after application. This remains dark throughout the day and also withstands my weeping eyes in windy weather and doesn't even run when I'm out in the rain. What I'm particularly impressed with though, is that it is very smudge-hardy. By this I mean that if I accidentally rub my eye (not too hard, but hard enough to relieve an itch) it doesn't move as much as a liquid liner would. Always a a bonus!

The only downsides I've found it that if I take quite a while to apply my liner the tip starts to dry out so I have to put the cap back on and shake it a bit to get the product down to the tip. Also when I first purchased it I noticed a really chemically smell that stung my eyes a bit when I was using it. I think it was just because it was new as I've not smelt anything that strong since the first few times, but I wasn't happy about putting it near my eyes to start with.
This might just be because I've used liquid liner, but my eyelid tends to get pulled about and creased when I try to apply the product. I think I have the technique right now though because it doesn't happen as often, but if you're a regular liquid liner user then this might be something to consider when you first use a pen liner.

Overall I've very happy with this product and I find I don't make as many mistakes as I did with liquid liner so I would definately repurchase and recommend to others. It comes in brown as well as black which is a positive point as I know that neutral bright eyes will be coming into fashion again during Spring.

Really love this product!



  1. I have this eyeliner, but I always end up going back to the dippy pots. This goes grey and transleucent really quickly after buying it, and isn't as intense as my normal liquid eyeliner. It's such a great idea but I think it needs more work - same as the MaxFactor version.

    Thanks for the review though, I agree it's a fab product. shame it fades.

  2. I'll keep watch on if mine fades or not. I've only had it about 2 weeks and it's been okay so far. I'll be disappointed if it does as I'm really liking it x