23 Dec 2010

Lungs and Life

It's nearly Christmas! So so excited! Happy Christmas everyone!

Last Sunday my dad turned 52 and we all went out to Bingo (because for my 21st last month we went to Bingo and all became members), had a nice chat and then went home.

Only thing is my brother got a really weird pain in his left shoulder/heart area. Now, if you have an 18 year old (or even just a little) brother you'll know when he's putting it on or not. And my brother wasn't. He looked really bad.

Soo my mum took him to A&E where they gave him an ECG and an X-Ray. They found nothing so sent him home with some Paracetamol and Ibuprofen telling him it was most likely to be muscular.

However, yesterday he was called back in and told he had a collapsed lung.

Now, don't get me wrong, the NHS can be really really brilliant at times, but a collapsed lung is 15% fatal and they sent my brother home with some pills and told to take it easy. They told him it would fix on it's own, but after looking on the internet it's 50% likely that it will occur again within the next two years. Which is a pretty dodgy statistic.

What I'd like to know from all you lovely readers is, have any of you experienced a collapsed lung, or if not, know of anyone who has and how did you/they deal with it?

Any information would be muchly appreciated :)



  1. I like your blog :)


  2. Oh that's so awful. I hope he feels better soon.
    My ex experienced one when he was younger, maybe four years ago and it hasn't happened since. I really hope it all turns out okay

  3. Sorry to hear about your brother, hope he's on the mend asap.


  4. Hope he feels better! i have never experienced a collapsed lung nor do I know anyone who has...but I hope it's not serious and he gets back on his feet soon.
    have a wonderful new year xo