31 Dec 2010

Glogg by Lush

Ta for the comments on my last post, my brother's lung has re-inflated itself fully and after an xray on Wednesday they've said he'll be okay, but should he have any pain to come into A&E ASAP.

I hope you've all had a really lovely Christmas!

One of my presents was a prewrapped gift from Lush (nicely bought by my mum). I was quite excited by this gift as it contained items I had never tried or even smelt before in Lush. My mum did a great job in other words.

The first item was Glogg.


This is a shower gel/ shampoo. At the moment, it's on offer at 50% off so do go and grab a bottle. I read some reviews of this product before using it and there is a definate love hate relationship going on with it.

The ingredients include cinnamon, red wine and brandy and these three combined together gives either a really chrismassy smell or something similar to cough medicine. I personally dislike it more than I like it, however I continued to use it because it made my skin feel warm as well as really clean. Some of the reviews I read stated that the consistency of the product was too weak, which I completely agree with. I'm unsure of the price as the product has been removed from the website due to it being limited edition for Christmas, it has been mentioned though that it is quite pricey for the amount of product you get. I'd probably support this because the bottle is really quite small. I used it all of last week and have used up about a 3rd of the bottle.

Despite the smell I liked the product although I probably wouldn't go out and buy it (at the full price). I would definately recommend going into a shop and smelling it before purchasing it anyway in case you don't particularly like the smell. I'll point out now though that the smell doesn't linger on the skin all day which for some of you will be a negative, but for me was a very large positive.

Have any of you tried Glogg?



  1. Not only have I tried it but I *love* it so much that I have stocked up and have 2 of the big bottles and I think 4 little bottles to keep me going! I've used it for my hair and it is an amazing shampoo!!

  2. I have it too an i love how It smells.xxx

  3. i'm glad your brother is better.

    mmmm the lush description seems like it'll smell so great

  4. Have you got any new beauty updates? x