22 Nov 2010

Hair care

I thought that today instead of a review I'd do a sort-of hair post.

I henna my hair. I first coloured it in February/March time and I used to redo it every couple/three weeks however I've found that it doesn't fade or seemingly grow as fast now there's no strong sunlight, so since about September I've done my whole head once a month.

I don't think you HAVE to do you're whole head when you re-colour, but I prefer it. Generally, the only bit of my hair to have faded at all is the roots and I'm assuming that's just natural growth instead of actual fading of colour. I have just dyed the roots once or twice, but I didn't get all of my hair (god knows how) so I ended up with pretty much the same faded roots and orangey/red hair.

You can dye your hair over a three day period (or longer if you want) to achieve a darker red colour and I think with my manic dying ever few weeks at the beginning, my hair has now absorbed so much henna, it's destined to be a dark red as long as I use it now. Despite the lack of regular colouring.
I started off with hair this colour:

So for anyone that has seen the incredibly embarrassing Youtube video, then please don't ask me again.

And ended up with my current hair colour:

This was taken about 2 weeks ago.

For hair care, I use Big shampoo daily ONLY on my scalp and roots. I do not shampoo any of my hair that falls past my jawline. I don't because my hair is very brittle and prone to breakage. Instead, I use A LOT of conditioner on the rest of my hair. Obviously as I wash my roots (which get very greasy over the course of a day) the shampoo suds fall through the rest of my hair, partially cleaning them without stripping the natural 'goodness' out of it. I use any conditioner that I find whether it's on offer, or if I've been past the Pound Shop I get anything. I can get through a reasonable sized conditioner bottle in about a week/ 10 days - maybe 2 weeks. Tresemme is a good choice because for the amount you get in the bottle, the price is quite good value.

I brush my hair as soon as I come out of the shower. I rarely brush past my jawline, mainly because I use so much conditioner my hair rarely tangles and there's no need. I generally only brush the roots in order to find a parting anyway. Sometimes - most times - I just use my fingers.

I try to let my hair dry naturally. However, I like my lie ins so I try to towel dry most of the wetness out of it, have breakfast or whatever for half an hour or so then blow dry the rest of the wetness out of it. On my days off, or at least once a week, I let my hair air dry.

Again, styling wise, I used to straighten it every. single. day. Now I've put into place a routine where I may straighten it a few days a week, but I'm trying especially hard to just let it be. I have to wear my hair up for work anyway so there's no actual need to straighten or curl it much.

I usually pull it up into a band with my fingers, I never use a brush or comb. I have started to back comb a little bit by pushing a large bristle brush back up the length of my hair on the longer layery bits, but I use a lot more hairspray than I do backcombing. I either pin my fringey bits/bangs to one side or I put my hair up completely so there's not much variety there.

I use some special hair cutting scissors to trim and chop at my hair. I haven't seen a proper hairdresser for about 2 and a half years now so my split ends do need taming. I spend a little bit of time every few weeks just finding a few split ends and cutting them carefully off.

I'm seeing a gradual improvement in the state of my hair and it's A LOT softer now I'm limiting my use of heat styling. I'm still losing quite a lot of hair in the shower but it isn't half as many as I was losing earlier in the year.

I'd like to know if anyone has tried any major products for tackling either split ends/ hair loss/ dry hair/ greasy scalps/ fading colour?

I hope this post helps anyone who's petrified of the hairdresser but wants to keep their hair in good condition.



  1. This is a fantastic post! You have great tips. I wish I was that careful with my hair... I ought to try out what you do!

  2. Thanks! I didn't think anyone would find it useful lol x

  3. The colour that its at now looks super pretty. I always box dye my hair or go to the hairdressers, i might give henna a try! :) x


  4. I coloured my hair with caca rouge after watching your video- and i love it! I rehennaed yesterday. This time, I left it a month before recolouring again as an experiment, but it looked absolutely shocking haha, really faded and gross!

    At the moment I use henna and horsechestnut shampoo (boots brand) which costs nothing at 80p and I think keeps the colour longer. I use toni and guys leave in conditioner but the product i would really recommend is body shop coconut hair oil. It has changed my hair and is lasting me forever.

    I want to try Big but i'm scared it will strip my colour! Does it make your hair as shiny as they say? Also how big a different does not using heat make?

    Sorry for the essay lol. I love talking hair! x

  5. I'm so glad you love your colour! It's so easy to maintain! I have the henna and horsechestnut shampoo too but I found that the overload of henna dragged my hair down so using Big makes it a bit easier to volumise. I'd recommend trying to get a little sample from Lush first to see if there's any immediate fading (which if you look at the ingredients list, there might be) and if not I would definately recommend using it all the time :)
    As for making it shiny, I'm not really sure about that. It makes it feel much stronger and maybe a bit thicker, but shiny? I don't think I'd say shiny, but I wasn't really looking for shininess when I bought it first so it might do!

    I'll give that body shop hair oil a try then because my ends are seriously out of control!

    I haven't seen much of a difference from not using so much heat except that I'm not as aware of how soul destroyingly full my locks are of split ends. However, I would say that on the occasions I do use heat to style, my hair responds much more easily (if that's the right way of putting it) so my curls stay in longer and my hair stays straight even if there's a bit of damp in the air. Also on the topic of split ends, my hair has grown SO MUCH in the past few weeks I can't believe it. It keeps tickling my arms. I reckon it's to do with not pulling the split ends off with my brushing and straightening when I style and so not breaking the hair higher up it's length.

    Hope this helps! xx

  6. Great post! Love the blog!



  7. I love it! Im really tempted to die mine a similar colour..

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  8. Hey, I saw your video and dyed my hair with the caca rouge henna today! I was so excited to see the results, but it turns out my hair was a bit more blonde than yours had previously been. So in turn, my hair turned out quite orange. In fact it is completely orange. I called the lush store (because it is almost 2 hours away) and they told me not to re-dye it with my left over rouge because it will make it more firery. Hopefully I will be able to go into them this weekend to try the marron or brun but I'm not sure what exactly to do about it. I see that your hair is obviously darker in color when you re-dyed it so I'm not sure how that wound't be the case for me..but I will hopefully find out more (better) news about what to do. Did your hair change at all within the first couple of days?! (I know my orange won't completely disappear, but maybe it will fade, or be richer or something that doesn't make me look too crazy(: haha) If you don't know much, no worries, I'm sure it will work itself out! Thanks for the idea though(:

  9. Hey, mine went pretty orange the first time I did it and especially with it being summer and really sunny my hair faded and changed colour quite quickly. I re-dyed my hair every 2-3 weeks to start so my colour also got a lot richer. How long did you leave the dye on for? I found that the longer I leave it on the darker/richer the colour.
    I hope you find a colour you like :) x

  10. Hey, I left it in for nearly six hours... but the next day I went to a natural food store near my house and got a light brown, rainbow brand to put on top of it. It looks fine now, my roots were coming in and I had gotten more brown to put on top but it stayed nearly the same color except my roots somehow blend a little better. All in all I think it was an interesting process I will probably get a darker brown to see what will happen next! Thanks for responding, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!