29 Oct 2010

Lush's So White Bath Bomb

We worked out how to lather up the Snowcake soap - you have to rub it vigorously between your palms for a decade and then use the suds to clean yourself. To be honest it does say to use a body puff thing and I'm sure that if you shoved a chunk of the soap in one of those, that there would be tonnes of soap suds flying about.


At the same time of discovering this, we had a bath using So White. The Lush times say that it's scented like apples, but I didn't think so. It smelt gorgeous anyway. And I would definately agree with the claim that it's extra frothy compared to an ordinary bath bomb. There wasn't all that many bubbles, but there were a few (sadly they didn't last long) which was nice to begin with. The scent lasted a LONG time, it was a really gentle smell and not at all harsh or earthy like some bombs I've had.

I would certainly repurchase as it comes to the grand total of £1.80. I'm also very pleased with how soft my skin feels now although that may have been due to excessive use of Snowcake. Anywho, I'm going to try out the Iced Wine product over the weekend so more reviews to come!


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