27 Oct 2010

Lush's Snowcake Soap

I recently received a package from Lush and used some of the products for the first time last night and this morning so I thought I'd let you know what I think of one of them today. For the full story of how I came to have these products have a look here.

Snowcake soap is the big chunky package on the left.

Lush's little blurb of Snowcake in the Lush Times claims it gives the customer 'the softest, creamiest, most luxurious suds imaginable' which I would agree with if it lathered. I found it quite difficult to get any suds to form and ended up just rubbing this over my skin. I managed to get some soapiness after rubbing it vigorously into my arm hair so I know that it's possible, but for a quick shower in a cold bathroom I wasn't greatly impressed.

However, and this is a big however, I am very impressed with how lovely my skin feels and smells now. I have a weird habit of feeling dirty if I moisturise too much and end up washing most of the moisturiser off as soon as I put it on, but Snowcake is made in very much the same vein as Smitten hand cream and the moisturising properties of this soap are noticeable as soon as you rub it on your skin. I didn't particularly like this when I was in the shower, but now my skin feels amazingly soft and my hands (usually cracked and white with dry skin) look and feel touchably smooth for once. Needless to say I am very very happy with it.

The other great thing about this soap is the smell. If you have ever smelt Smitten, this is exactly like that. Lush says it smells of 'almond marzipan and rose absolute' and that it does. It's a very clean and actually quite neutral smell although there's a slight sweet hint of marzipan. I'm hoping it will last the rest of today despite being at work this afternoon and if it does, I'm sure it'll become one of my favourites and I'll definately have to buy LOADS to stock up over the next year as this is a seasonal product.

Overall then, I'm hoping it will lather better once I've got the hang of it (Lush products flumox me sometimes) but I don't think this is going to put me off purchasing it and I definately recommend it to people with any skin type although it is amazing on my dry flakey skin.

Have any of you experienced Snowcake?



  1. I haven't used this but it looks really interesting. I love Lush!

  2. I haven't used it too, but I would like to try:)

  3. ill have to trythese, they look amazing!

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