19 Oct 2010

Catastophe Cosmetic

Woah so this has been a long time coming, but here it is!

I few weeks ago I took back 5 black pots to Lush and claimed my free fresh face mask. I chose the Catastrophe Cosmetic with blueberries - mainly because I liked the smell.

It smells of blueberries, but there's a very strong smell of the clay that's added to draw out impurities. The blueberries themselves are still whole and there's a little juice that sits on top of the clay after the pot's been in the fridge for a while.

The pot contains a tiiiiny 75g of product, however this was enough to cover mine and Olie's faces about 4 or 5 times each. I was pleasantly surprised at how long it lasted although when it neared it's 'Use by' date it because quite dry in the pot and it didn't spread as well as it did to begin with.

I applied the product to Olie's face using my fingers. I found it easy to spread and the whole blueberries didn't cause any problems although I had to be careful to make sure they stuck to his face instead of dropping off. Almost straight after applying the product starts to dry and once it starts flaking off, it's a good sign to wash it completely off. I liked this because I didn't have to leave it on for ages, I could quickly apply this on and evening not have to wait until I could talk normally again.

The mask felt best when I'd just applied it and it was cool and 'fresh' feeling. Olie also commented on this, although his was more a reaction of wincing away from the cold when I slapped it on his cheek.
The clay did a good job of 'drying' (as such) our pores and the blueberries and calamine oil were very soothing, however I don't know if it WAS the blueberries or just the cool temperature of the mask. Overall this didn't cleanse as such as pamper our faces and it left both of our faces feeling very soft and touchable.

I was dubious of whether I would purchase a fresh mask again when I first received the product, however since it lasts a month, it's such a treat and it lasts through so many uses that I think I would spend the £4.95 for another.

Does anyone have any recommendations for another mask from Lush?



  1. It feels like I haven't seen you on blog for ages! I don't like the fresh masks really, never tried this one though xx

  2. Aww how come you don't like them? xx

  3. Ive never used these! but this was a great review!