22 Oct 2010

Body Shop Hair Butter

When I bought the Strawberry Body Butter a few weeks back I got a small free Rainforest Moisture Hair butter with it.


Normally, it's £3 for 50ml or £8 for 200ml. I got the 50ml free and I used it three times on the ends of my hair before it ran out.

The first thing that strikes me about this product is the smell (I have a thing about smells), it smells very tropical and fresh which appeals to me quite a lot and I kept getting wafts of it through the day which was also very nice.

The consistency is almost exactly the same as the body butter and I rubbed it through the ends of my hair after shampooing as normal with Lush's Big. I then left it for about five minutes while I washed the rest of my body and then rinsed it out. I found that it's definately not a conditioner substitute and had to use a bit of tresemme to make sure my hair didn't tangle. The results for me weren't that fantastic to be brutally honest although I did notice that my hair was a tad softer and shinier after the times I did use it. My hair is (and probably always will be) very damaged at the ends and this did do a good job of softening the frizzy split ends - which it should as it's designed for dry or damaged hair.

The only real problem with this is that 50ml just isn't enough for long hair. I only used it on the ends because if I used it up to the scalp I'd have used it all in one session. The 200ml pot though would be a better alternative if you wanted to slap it all over.

Overall, I probably wouldn't repurchase although if my hair was feeling a bit dull I may buy the smaller pot just to jazz it up a bit.


  1. That's interesting I've heard that from a few other people as well

  2. I agree with you, just too small! But tropical smells also appeal to me a lot. It looks like a good product.