3 Sep 2010

St Moriz Mousse

Hiya peeps!

I reviewed the St Moritz spray fake tan a few weeks back, but I've now tried the mousse.


I seriously love this stuff. I thought I loved the spray, but this stuff is so much better and easier to use. Here are some comparison photos:

So the leg on the left has been tanned while the one on the right is my pastey normal colouring. This picture was taken literally minutes after I applied it so you can see how instant the colour is.

I would say it smells, but I don't think it's too overpowering and it might look streaky as it dries and your skin absorbs it. However, once you rinse it off it becomes very even and very natural looking. I'm very impressed.

I used a latex glove, but I'm sure you could use bare hands and just wash them thoroughly as you do it. The consistency is really good, not too runny or too sticky so spreading it around is very simple and takes very little time at all.

I'm taking this on holiday because I'm unsure how long it will last, hopefully a while. I did my legs on Tuesday and they lasted through showering, shaving and exfoliation so I doubt I'll need to redo although you can't be too careful.

I got mine from TJ Hughes for 2 for £5 although Savers and Home Bargains sell them also for about £3. Totally recommend! Complete bargain!


  1. I love this stuff... but mine seems to fade quite a bit after showering and exfoliation! Must be just my skin though cos I seem to be the only one who thinks this.

  2. i love the mousse version of this fake tan i think the colour is really natural :)

    @ alison - this does fade of a bit when you have a shower i think its normal lol xxx

  3. Whoa, this looks amazing. I think I'll get this soon. I do need a tan. Being out in the sun for a bit, doesn't quite do it as well as I'd like it too. Thanks for sharing!

    - Kellahna

  4. Wow!
    It looks simply amazing!
    I need to try this, seriously!

  5. Ohh it is so important that colour is natural.
    I am a newbie so pop in:

  6. Oh wow that is so good haha I need to try this I'm like paper atm x

  7. This looks amazing, I've heard a lot recently about mousse fake tans but I haven't tried any yet. I will now. Great post. :)



  8. That is a great color payoff! Let us know how it fades off, because I find so many comes off really weirdly. The only one I ever had luck with was by Sun Labs, and also Flash Bronze by Lancome.


  9. i love this stuff but my mum just can't get it to work! i love the natural colour it gives, the only problem is, with the first bottle i had after a month or so of having it(i dont use it that often i dont have the time) the foam goes green? i dont know if anyone else has noticed this but, its a good tan for the price! xx

    1. I've noticed that! But I don't think it affects the outcome of the tan because I've had my bottle for about two years (!) now and it still tans my legs nicely xx