22 Sep 2010

St Moritz Mousse update and Body Butters

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The tan lasted really well until about Tuesday (I went on Saturday) and then my armpits started looking a bit messy and my ankles and toes started to rub off - if you get me. I will point out now that I went into the sea and swam in the pool almost every day which obviously wouldn't have helped. So, like you do I scrubbed and tried to reapply. Now in the throws of 30 degrees C me standing around waiting for my body to dry off honestly did not work so I gave up. By the next Saturday I had really odd marks and lines all over my legs and body despite excessive scrubbing, so in the long run I wasn't entirely pleased at all.

I would probably recommend getting a proper spa spray tan for a long holiday instead of doing it yourself because it really did not work for me and I'm quite gutted. I would still use it for the odd occassion or when I was going out for an evening, but never for more than about two/three days, which is a bit of a shame.

So todays review is on The Body Shops Body Butters.


Since my fiasco with my tan, I've thought it may be to do with dry skin (despite my obsessive use of the exfoliation mitt) so I decided to invest in a big tub of moisturising butter. I got the strawberry version and it smells just like strawberry ice cream and feels so rich and lovely.
For £5 you can get the 50ml tub which is rather small, but for holidays/ travelling I think it would be suitable, or the 200ml for £12.50. I got the larger tub.

The consistency is really nice and it spreads well if you take your time, so it's not best if you're in a rush. I covered my entire body and then I got Olie to do his and we've only just dented the top so it should last a while.

Despite me not particularly liking the feel of moisturisers on my body (I have a weird thing about feeling unclean) I quite liked the feel of this butter. It did however, feel tacky for a while afterwards, but it just meant I had to keep my dressing gown on and watch a bit more TV, which I wasn't too fussed about. I found it sunk into my dry patches very quickly and they were left feeling soft and supple so that was a nice bonus as well as having silky soft skin all over.

Olie was particularly happy with the smell and although it's not very manly, it was quite nice to go to sleep to the smell of strawberries and likewise waking up. His skin has also gone really beautifully soft and he's rather pleased although I doubt he'd admit it.

At the moment there is an offer on where when you buy one full sized body butter (the 200ml) you get a small tub of hair butter too. We used it last night, but I tied my hair up to use some other products on my face so I didn't really see/feel any difference. I'll post a full review up when I've used it a bit more.

Whilst out in town buying this I also bought Lush's 9 to 5 face cleanser and got a free fresh face mask for taking 5 pots back, so reviews of these are to come too.

Hope this helps!



  1. Have you tried Xen-Tan? I love it. I really don't rate St Mortiz and think it is worth paying the extra as you get a much better result with Xen-Tan.

    I have a few Body shop body butters. I have a cherry one and a cocunut one. They smell divine and do a good job, always good to snap them up when they are offer so thanks for the heads up :-)


  2. I love the olive one, I kinda like my st moritz. xx

  3. love the smell of these body butters!
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  4. May have to try the body butter, I can imagine it smells so good!

  5. They all smell really good! Love them.

  6. Wow, that's nice, i'll try to buy one.

  7. I've had this in another scent, but this looks nice too.

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