28 Aug 2010



Sorry for not posting in aaaaages, I'm saving up for my euros for a week today when I'll be jetting off to Menorca so I haven't really bought anything exciting. On the topic of Menorca, I have a couple of questions to ask you beauty addicts!

1. If any of you have used the St Moritz mousse or spray can you tell me if it lasts a swim in the sea? I really want to tan before I go, but I also want to do a bit of snorkling and I don't want to go all streaky and horrid.

2. What makeup would/do you wear in hot countries? I haven't been abroad in so, so long (about 5 years) and I didn't wear any makeup back in the day so I'm a tad stuffed.

3. What essentials would you take if you were going? Like moisturisers/aftersun? I have my P20 sun lotion so I'm definately (hopefully) not going to turn into a lobster, but I'm not sure what to take for those days when my skin will feel a bit tight.

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  1. You definitely need to take sunblock, aftersun, sunglasses and a hat or something like that. i recommend buying an "abanico" (a fan) because that's like the most useful thing ever. I'm sure you'll be able to get one in Menorca.
    About make up... I'm not sure what you should take. I'd say bring some waterproof mascara, a good eye primer and cream blush.
    I've never been to Menorca but everybody says it's lovely! Have fun! :D xx

  2. Aww thank you! I'll definately have to get a massive hat and I'll invest in one of those hand held fans cos they look cute :) xx

  3. The St Mortiz is really good however it does fade patchy so I would suggest taking a good exfoliator and body scrub so you can buff it off as you tan. I would also recommend mineral makeup instead of liquid as it will soak up any extra shine and it feels really light on the skin. Any yes a waterproof mascara is a must . Have a great time on holiday and dont forget your suncream!