30 Jul 2010

St Moritz Instant Tan Spray

I bought St Moritz fter discovering a Savers shop and practically wee'd myself when I walked inside and found it. Over the course of about two weeks I applied it three times.

As a self tan virgin I found the colour and consistency of the spray very very weird and thin and I felt quite overwhelmed by how dark it was. I tried rubbing it in with my bare hands and the colour instantly came off my body and onto my hands leaving me rather less tanned than I'd hoped and with incredibly brown hands. After a lot of scrubbing, I chose to wear latex gloves and the colour seemed to stay on my body instead of transferring so I was happy.

I've had a proper st Tropez spray tan before at a spa and I realised that I wouldn't be able to cover my skin completely straight away so I had to wait about starkers for about half an hour which was awkward because I obviously couldn't sit down either. So after the initial disappointment of it not being completely instant I now know that it's something I have to do in order to make my tan work and I accept that :)

I didn't feel too comfortable with it on once it had 'dried' because it was still sitcky (not so sticky as to come off on my clothes or hands, but sticky enough) and I was counting down the minutes until I could wash off the excess. I left it on for about 3/4 hours before having to go and clean!

I was very happy with the results and I felt confident getting my legs out and getting my body out in general (I'm not great with getting my upper arms/ shoulders out) and the tan was so even I felt very good.

The only downsides of this product for me were:
1. The spray clogged my skin A LOT. I'm prone to blackheads on my arms and thighs, but have never had a problem with tanning moisturisers/creams or gradual tanning sprays before, but with this I got a lot of spots on my back and my arms and even on my shins (wtf?!) so I wasn't particularly happy about that despite the tan hiding the spots relatively well.

2. It is very easily washed off. For me I'd expect it to be a little bit more hardwearing as I tend to wash my hands a lot. It was hard to keep my hands from looking as if I had a disease, so in the end I gave up and had sparkly white hands and a tanned body.

I also found that despite it easily washing off my hands it has taken about two weeks to scrub off my body and it still hasn't come off everywhere, like the stretch marks on my thighs. I don't really understand how it's still attached to me seeing as I exfoliate everyday (when I don't have a tan on).

Overall though I am very impressed with this product and I'm using it for a wedding blessing I'm going to in a couple of weeks because of the natural colour of it. It is in no way orange, it's very hard to streak and I can easily go out 2 hours after applying it (and washing off the excess) and have a very good tan.

I haven't used the mousse although that looks much easier to apply and after I've used up all this spray I'm definately going to give that a go, especially for the price (under £5).

I would reccommend this product to someone who wanted a natural tan for a cheap affordable priceeven if they are self tan newbies like me.

I hope this helps!

Oh and although there is a bit of a biscuity smell, I didn't find it too potent and it was easily masked with a bit of body lotion. All good really!



  1. Will try this now... great post you convinced me!
    well done on 100 followers.
    follow me too :)

  2. I've tried the mousse but never the spray tan, may have to give this a go, love the post and your blog! Well done on reaching 100 followers as well! If you have some spare time check out my blog :) http://beautybloggings.blogspot.com

    Jenn xx

  3. Just read through your moose you tried aswell as the spray and i think i may have to give it a go. i'm looking for new fake tan seen as the winter is here. Obviously can't get your legs out as much as you can in the summer but i think a nice tan can just put you in a better mood, make you feel better. I can't stand being too pale for long! ha! I'm a new follower btw, fab blog. :) x