23 Jul 2010

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Hello petals!

My review today is on Revlon PhotoReady foundation. I've seen a lot of reviews and blogs talk about which prompted me to g out and purchase this.

I bought this at the start of May for going to a University Ball. I tend to have a really shiney face so I was attracted to the concept that I would look perfect from every angle.

The first thing I love about this product is the packaging. I like the shape and size of the bottle and I especially love the pump which makes getting the product out very simple and easy. I also like how the bottle is glass as I'm not a great fan of plastic bottles.

The second thing I really like is the consistency. It's quite a creamy loose liquid that makes it easy to apply and spread across my face. I have it in 003 Shell and I find that it's a little bit light for summer, but aside from this I also find that it a very dewey foundation. I apply powder over the top to matte it down a tad and this works fine, but I definately would not reccommend it for someone who liked the matte look. I'd compare it to the No7 Lift and Luminate (although, thankfully, without the fishy smell).

Coverage wise, it's nicely buildable and it covers my dark circles easily although sometimes a bit of concealer could be added to cover extremely bad times. In this way I really like it because I can keep my freckles out, but cover the bits I don't particularly like.

I tend to touch my face quite a lot so whether it's long lasting or not, I can't really comment. What I can say though is that I find it begins to 'lift' from my face. By this I mean that as the day goes on it starts to itch a bit and I have to rub it off in order for my skin to 'breathe' and for me to not scrub my whole face. This probably wouldn't happen for someone with an extremely good complexion as I have dry patches and oily bits so everything goes to pot, even with my Clinique base underneath.

Having said that, because it's so easy to apply with brushes or fingers, I'm still a fan and I use it quite regularly (sometimes in preference over my Superfit).
I think I've covered everything so I'll end with that I like this product despite it's random tendency to make me scratch my face and I like the finish it gives me despite having to use powder as well as the foundation.

Like I say, I would recommend it to people who like the dewey finish or to someone who doesn't mind using powder to achieve a matte look.



  1. Great review, i love this foundation x

  2. photoready is an awesome foundation :) I totally know what you about the itchy feel it gets that way when it's hott. I haven't worn much this summer because it has been in the 90's in so cal :( Besides that it's awesome.



  3. photoready is great, however i do prefer revlon colorstay over it, why i don't know, maybe because of the slight shimmers in it.

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  4. Thanks for the review. I haven't used any of the Revlon foundations before.