5 Jul 2010

Marvelon Contraceptive Pill

This kind of follows on from a previous post about contraceptive pills. I was very pleased with the amount of comments I received and it made me feel slightly better about myself for changing the Pill I was/am using.

So today I thought it was about time to do a small review on the Pill I'm using now - Marvelon. This is an estrogen based Pill (instead of a Progestogen based) because estrogen is supposed to calm and sensitize a woman instead of being as I was - very apathetic and mostly angry.

It works just like any other Pill I'm aware of where you take a Pill everyday for three weeks (a pack) then have a week off and start again.

I have been taking Marvelon for a month now and usually if it wasn't suitable for me I would have known about it by now. However, I have endured no side effects or become unbearable, instead I've become much, much calmer, much more predictable and less likely to become angry and lash out (because I'll be the first to admit I was violent). Oliver is happier, I'm happier and there is less tension in our household.

I think the major turnaround happened yesterday when I visited my mum and she kicked off at me over something incredibly small. Usually I'd rise to it and (usually) she'd hit me, we'd have a cry and it'd all be over with. However, I just stood, kept my voice down and laughed at how worked up she'd become before driving home to Derby.

Although that sounds like a minor domestic, it's a great improvement in how I respond to things that irritate me or things that I would normally become very agitated over.

I have also seen dramatic improvement in my relationship with Olie. Before I disliked holding hands or kissing him after work as I generally feel sweaty and when Olie comes in he's usually covered in a lot of muck and grub so recoiled from any kind of touching at all. In contrast to this, over the past month I don't feel disgusted if he has black fingernails or is he has dust in his stubble and I feel much more at ease with myself, not just Olie.
At first I felt a bit vulnerable because I'd created such a thick skin to everyone around me, but I feel so much better about everything now.

I'm not saying I don't get angry, because I do, but instead of it lasting 3 days of me being in a foul mood it'll last maybe 30 minutes and then I'll be okay.
One of the downfalls I've noticed is that when I do get angry I get VERY angry very fast and instead of just shouting I full on yell and scream and shout and have a bit of a paddy, which doesn't just shut Olie up, but half the people down the street or wherever we are.

I've also thought about external things that have changed over the past month.
1. We went to Newquay camping.
I hate camping, but I enjoyed the trip and I enjoyed spending the time with Olie despite not sleeping very well. I think that spending the time with Olie without work or uni commitments helped remove a lot of the tension that had built up over the past 6 months.

2. I finished Uni and am now starting out on a gap year.
I didn't realise just how much pressure I felt under whilst being at university. Despite not really trying I got good grades (for me). Getting those grades and spending that much money on going to so few classes really got to me. Spending money stresses me out if I'm not getting value for it. I'm definately not getting value for money at Uni. Knowing I'm not going back in September is amazing. Although I'm only working 3 days a week at Sainsbury's it feels amazing to know that I go there, I get money, I spend my money. At university there is no reward and I struggle with that.

3. It's summer.
I think that seasons do help or hinder my moods. I love being able to sit outside or garden or just read/eat/sleep outside in my pjamas.

I know I've whittered on a bit, but I do think that this Pill has changed me despite all the other factors that I know have altered my lifestyle at the moment. If you are currently on a Progestogen pill and it's not working out for you then this one might be more suitable. I've seen good things happen since changing from Microgynon 30 which is meant to be 50/50 so little changes can help in big ways.

For those of you who had bad experiences would you try different Pills or just stay away from contraceptive Pills altogether?



  1. I had the implant fitted in my arm two years ago now, best thing I ever did. I couldn't find a pill that suited me at all, I'd either feel sick, or get bad skin etc. This is brilliant, and it lasts three years and you just forget it's even there. Recommend it to anyone. xx

  2. I agree with Gem. I love my implant :D
    And im glad things are going better for you now!

  3. That sounds great Joanna :) different pills work well for different people. I'm on Yasmin which isn't perfect, but it;s the best of the ones I've tried. A lot of people like the patch or implant too... you just have to try things and find out what works for you, and it sounds like this has definitely had a positive effect for you, and for Olie :)

  4. I don't think I could handle the implant, I've got a few friends who have them and they make me gip a bit when they move them about. I'm not too good with that kind of thing :) Not saying they're not miracle workers though!

    I heard about Yasmin. I was going to ask about that if this Pill was a bit dodgy. I've heard good things!

    Thank you for your feedback!


  5. Very interesting post. I changed from cilest to implant a year ago and I'm really really pleased. I dropped a dress size (though I do now get a slightly oily forhead for some reason) and I feel happy emotions much more intensely....which is weird because I hadn't noticed that I was a bit "blah" towards everything whilst I was on the pill.
    Hope it works out for you, keep up the good blog work :)