11 Jul 2010

Lush's Big Shampoo


I bought Big from Lush on Tuesday.

I have to say I was rather doubtful of it's cleansing powers let alone it's volumizing abilities so I'm rather pleased I bought it in the end.
If any of you have ever tried Retread, it smells a bit like that, but definately not as potent. I actually quite like it now, but before I bought it, it was the smell that put me off.

It contains lemon juice, seaweed and seasalt (just to name a few ingredients) and after looking at it for the first time, it doesn't look like any shampoo I've ever used as it's basically just massive chunks of seasalt in a bit of, what looks like, brine. I only used the small dollop attached to the container lid at first and my god it lathers brilliantly. I only had to use that small amount to wash my entire head (and I used the lather to wash my upper body too). So for nearly £10 I reckon this is good value for money as it washes perfectly and will last me a few months at least. Even Olie has been using it and we've hardly dinted it.

Despite being an avid follower of the wash-every-morning-without-fail trend, I'm seriously impressed with how clean my hair is after using Big and haven't found a need to wash (my hair at least) every day. My hair is prone to being quite greasy and starts smelling (lovely thought I know) after sleeping on it, but I really haven't needed to. My hair is still squeaky clean 24 hours after washing and smells like Big and not my normal 'bedhead smell'. To be really honest if you're one of the lucky people and don't need to wash your hair everyday anyway, then I reckon once a week with Big will sort you out meaning it will last you aaaages.

But getting onto what Big is meant to do; make your hair big. I don't know if it does or not. Well, it does, but I think it's mostly down to my hair being so clean that each strand holds it's own (instead of the hair next to it). It's much easier to style and mess about with and I feel much better about my hair despite it still falling out quite a bit.

On the topic of hair falling out, I'm unsure as to whether the seasalt is causing more to fall out by being harsh to the hairs as I scrub my head or exfoliating my scalp enough as to make my hair stronger and healthier at the roots. After less than a week it's hard to tell, but I will let you know if any progress has been made in the future.

I also feared that as it is SO cleansing (literally my head feels brand new) my hair dye would fade or wash out, but I haven't noticed any fading and as far as I'm aware, no colour has washed out yet. I think this may be because I'm not washing my hair everyday and I hope that since my change in washing habits, my dye will last as long as it usually does.

My hair is definately softer and cleaner since starting to use Big and although at first I didn't think I'd use it every wash, because it's so cleansing I like using it every 2 days and reaping the benefit of 'lush' hair.

Only downsides to this product is maybe the smell. If you don't want the smell however, I condition my hair with Treseme and that smell seems to cover up the natural smell of Big.

Overall a great product and although seemingly quite expensive, very good value for money. Would repurchase again and would recommend to everyone.



  1. Great review! I've been thinking about trying this too, as I crave big hair all the time! You've definitely made me want to try it now! xx

  2. I LOVE this shampoo. It does add volume but most of all it makes it so immensely shiny and healthy. I love it.

  3. Wonderful review, i love this product as well xx

  4. I definitely want to get hold of some lush products. hear so much good written about them. Very informative review - thanks!

  5. I love this post. I've been wanting to try Lush shampoos for a very long time but the price has put me off (here I am sat with henna on my head :) fantastic stuff). Did you really only need to use a tiny amount?? x