22 Jun 2010

Reimann P20 suncream

Hello all you new people!

So glad you love the lipstick, I have to say it's becoming a favourite :)

Having just come back from a great holiday to Newquay (UK) I thought it would be appropriate to do a review of the suncream I used.


I'd actually bought this before Pixiwoo recommended it on a recent video, but I have to say that since watching their recommendation and using the product I have to recommend it myself.

I got this P20 version, but there is also a P10 and all the number represents is the SPF factor that it gives you. I chose the higher factor because I'm quite fair and it worked perfectly.

It cost me around £23 for 200ml from Boots and I tried price comparing to Superdrug and it's about the same. I think it works out slightly cheaper if you get the larger one (as normal really). I honestly think it's worth the price. I went on holiday with 5 other people and they all had to reapply and faff about getting hair stuck to their faces and whatnot with ordinary creamy suncream whilst I literally spent 2 minutes covering all exposed skin in the morning and that was it. I've found it cheaper on Amazon and online however, I would willingly pay more.

It doesn't look like any suncream I've ever used before as it looks a lot like oil and it spreads like an oil. In one way this is good because it means you can spread it reasonably evenly, but in another way it makes it much harder because it sinks in quite fast and you can't really see where you've put it. I also found that I felt like I was using a lot of the product, but after coming back home and having a bit of a shake of it, I don't think we used that much (me and Olie both used it all over our bodies).

To see exactly what protection it gave me, I didn't put any on one of my legs and plastered the other as I normally would. I had one very red burnt leg after sitting on the beach all day and one very nicely tanned leg. One word: chuffed.

I also used it under my makeup. All my previous experiences of suncreams are of greasy, messy, wait-10-minutes-for-it-to-sink-in creams, so I was delighted that within seconds (no exaggeration) of putting this on my face I could apply my usual makeup without any hiccups. The only downside to putting this product on my face was that it smells A LOT like alcohol (it smells pretty horrific, although the smell by no means lasts longer than you take to apply it) and so applying it near my eyes stung a little bit. However, just by shutting my eyes while applying to my cheeks and nose, this stopped and the smell goes once it's sunk in.

Olie's dad uses this on his head (as he's a bit bald), I used it over fake tan and as I mentioned before, under my makeup on my face so it's a very versitile product and I would recommend it any day to anyone. The only thing I would say is: Don't miss anywhere! because if you do the you'll notice it burning and end up with little red patches... like my left leg :)

Have any of you used this product before? What do you think of it?


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