19 May 2010

Hair loss

Due to me being a student and not having great substantial amounts of money to spend solely on beautifying myself, I've thought about it and decided that I'm going to update this blog regularly, but not everyday - more like once/twice a week. That way I shouldn't lose track of what products I've already reviewed or recently bought whilst giving me time to thoroughly test them out before reviewing. Sound good?

So on to today!

One thing that has been bothering me over the past couple of months is the amount of hair that is literally falling off my head.

I noticed that I was losing a bit more hair than normal in the shower just before I applied the first batch of henna, so I'm ruling out henna being the cause of my hair loss. Having said that, it's been gradually getting worse. I've even counted how many hairs I've collected from the bathtub after showering and at most I've found 40. 40 hairs is A LOT to look at and have fall out in one sitting. What scares me more is how many hairs I lose straight after having a shower when I style it.

I thought that it might be the fact I've used heat on my hair everyday since I was about 16. So I've cut back on using my straighteners and rarely use the hairdryer now, preferring to get up earlier and let it air dry. I've also started using the Botanics Heat Protectant (which I reviewed a couple of weeks back) to make sure I'm not damaging it THAT much through straightening. And although I do straighten my hair a lot, I don't need to do it as much as I used to due to the henna moisturising my hair so much it pulls it straight down anyway. I just tidy up the ends a bit.

Another thing I use regularly now is a hair mask - something I also reviewed a few weeks back - and I find my hair has responded positively towards this by losing less hairs in the shower than I normally do when I use it. However, on the days I use alternative conditioners I'm still losing about 15 - 30 hairs.

Another thing I thought it might be is that I haven't had my hair cut properly in about 2 years.

This is how my hair was with regular cutting. 'scuse my bum showing :) (Aged 16/17)

This is me after my hairdresser took it upon herself to cut my hair how she wanted it. (Aged 17/18) Very short.

Then I didn't have it cut for about 9 months because I was so horrified she'd cut my hair off again. But obviously because it was blonde it started to grow out and look a bit grubby so I went back had it 'trimmed' and dyed brown. (Aged 18)

As you can see she cut it pretty short again.

Anyways, this is a photo of me taken yesterday. (Aged 20)

So, after my little cutting here and there my hair has grown half way down my back and is quite glossy. I quite like my hair :)

Since studying and counting the hairs that have fallen out, either in the shower or when I'm styling it, I've noticed that a fair few of them have been extremely weak, thin or had split ends that reach up to 2/3 the way along the hair. Something that also scared me.

Since I took it upon myself to cut my own hair I've used kitchen scissors. Scissors we use for everything and anything and are quite blunt now. I've noticed that even when I've tried to cut off the white split ends, I've failed and created more.

So on Monday, after the massive hairball incident I went to Boots and bought myself some Tweezerman hair scissors.


These cost me £20 which I thought was cheap compared to what 2 years worth of hair cutting would have cost me.

In the past three days I have spent several half hour sessions trying to clip off the dead ends and find the hairs that have split further up the length of the hair. In these three days, I think the quality of my hair has improved greatly.

Today in the shower, although it was a hair mask day, I lost about 5 hairs, which I don't think is too bad. Not compared to the 40 I was losing before. The other thing I'm happy about is that when I run my hand through my hair I don't have bits/whole hairs on my hand. Something that sounds horrible, but actually was literally happening to me.

I haven't trimmed my whole head, I've been just picking up small sections around my head and scanning the ends to see what state they're in. it might sound a bit laborious and time consuming, but I was/am quite desperate to get my hair back into a decent condition.

I will update you all on if my hair gets any better or is my whole head of hair drops off, but I would definately recommend using scissors that are made for cutting hair or are extremely sharp. I'm not sure if it is just using the scissors that's improved my hair so far or the combination of using all the products I've mentioned, but still, I'm incredibly happy so far :)

Have any of you suffered from random hairloss or have you had a specific cause? How did you solve the problem?



  1. I've been on a quest for healthy hair to. I kinda wrecked my hair with to much bleeching, straightning and hair extensions. Ooops! I've also dyed mine dark, regular trims at the hairdressers, no more heat stylers and using expensive shampoos :( I'm trying so hard lol. Good luck with your hair quest :p I've noticed great improvement in mine to hehe xx

  2. Ohh such an interesting post! I've been loosing tonnes of hair for the past few months, this was because I've had a baby and it is quite common for hair loss to occur after the birth. Luckily it's slowing down now and starting to grown back... I've ended up getting little tufts of really fine baby hair under my fringe hehe! xx

  3. In grade 9 I lost loads of hair because I was severly anemic (iron deficiency type). I went from having enough hair to make a ponytail at least an inch or two thick to having barely enough hair to make a ponytail with the tiny black elastics. I didn't brush my hair because I would lose so much and I had to have it pulled back otherwise it would just cover wherever I sat. But they did blood tests and got me supplements and now I have loads of hair.

  4. @Alice Louise, good luck with your hair! I hope it all works for you!

    @tor, congratulations on your baby! At least you know what's causing your hairloss and you're getting it back now :)

    @Becka, I think I'll stock up on some broccoli next time I'm at Tesco. I've heard about the links between things like that and hair loss.

    Thank you all for commenting! x

  5. I shed quite a lot of hair usually, but my hairs quite thick so it didnt really affect the rest of my hair. I had a bad dying incident a while back and even more hair was falling out and breaking. I had a shampoo bar from lush (I think its called new) and that seemed to fix it. It was the cinnamony one that claimed to prevent hair loss, suprisingly it worked quite well.

  6. ooooh, despite my current feud against Lush I might just go and get some of that. I'm getting a bit sick of cleaning the plughole haha :)


  7. My hair falls out all the time...but luckily I have TONNES of hair so the only thing that bothers me is having to pull it all out the plug. The condition of my hair (and hair loss) greatly improves after a big cut. However, I know that a lack of certain vitamins and minerals are also responsible (I'm anemic too, like Becka) so it might be worth you researching into good-hair foods too :)

  8. I was losing so much hair about 3 years ago, and I panicked too! Turns out I was over processing it! Using too much hair dye and chemicals was killing my hair. I had the same issue. looking in the drain after a shower and wating to cry over my hair loss. lol. But I grew my natural color in and get my hair cut every 2 1/2 months now. Plus I don;t wash my hair everyday, I wash it every other day or 2, and ue a dry shampoo to hide oils. Water is actually really bad for your hair I fould out. Now my hair is way healthier. I also love my shampoo Paul Mitchell, awesome!

    Glad to hear your hairs doing better though, 5 hairs is nothing compared to 40 :)


  9. It's a problem lots of people have well done for being honest and blogging about it.
    PS i've given you an award check it out on my blog xx