29 May 2010

Contraceptive Pills?

First off, thank you so much for those of you who commented on my last post, it was great to hear how you'd solved your hair loss and I'm starting to look into healthy hair foods and vitamins (because I think that might be what it is).

Linking onto my hairloss however is my general behaviour. I feel quite stressed and I HAVE to have my house tidy before I can do anything. Now, yes I had to do this before, but I didn't get angry and verbally abusive about it. So Olie (who's been with me for 3 and a half years) sat me down a few weeks ago and said 'I think it's your Pill'.

I hadn't even thought about the Pill affecting me because I've been on it since I was 16 and I had not had any adverse side effects from taking it, but after being incredibly moody whilst taking the Pill (and not just PMS style, but like the day I took my first Pill after my period) to being tolerant and (kind of) friendly when I'm not taking my Pill during my period, I had to listen to what he was saying and yesterday we went to the Doctors.

She was incredibly unhelpful and basically made me feel quite insignificant despite my relationship with Olie being quite strained at the moment (and so a pretty big concern for us) and just sat there and said 'so what Pill do you want?'

I don't bloody well know!

So I sat there and stared at her and just went 'Well what is there? You're the Doctor' to which she looked even angrier at me being there and told me about more estrogen based Pills to calm my moods and cramps and whatnot and then wrote me out a perscription for Marvelon.

I've looked online about reviews from women who've used this Pill, but I'm still very worried about taking it. I don't take any other form of drug (unless you count the occasional glass of Bulmers or Pimms on a summer afternoon), not even paracetamol because I'd rather just sleep off my headache or pain or whatever. When I first started taking the Pill I was very wary, but my mum had been using it since she was 20 something so I was slightly reassured by that.

This however I have nothing to go on.

So there are two things I'd like to know ladies:
1.Have you ever asked about different Pills and what response did you get? I got a mardy woman who I'd have liked to have been a little more friendly despite it being Friday afternoon.

2. Have any of you changed Pills? And if you have what were you using and what are you using now?

I don't think people talk about these kinds of things enough and I hope any response you give will not only help me, but maybe other women/girls too :)



  1. I have tried about three different types of pills. They did great things for my skin/hair but made me terribly angry and moody. I stopped taking the pill about 6 months ago and I feel a lot better for it :)

  2. im on the mini pill lol its ok but i think they all have their ups and downs :( xx

  3. I haven't had major problems with mine, but perhaps being on yours for so long the problems have developed over time? And then just a change in type should eliminate that. Don't give up. BTW I've awarded you some blog love http://cakefordays.blogspot.com/2010/05/time-for-some-blog-lovin.html

  4. Im in a slightly similar situation. I never take any medication but my gyno told me she thinks I should take the pill, but its had such bad reviews! So I understand the confusion...


  5. I'm back on the pill to (and I quote) "kick the implant back into shape" . Irregular periods and what-not. It's Baaalls and my boobs always hurt :| . Why haven't they cured periods yet? lol

  6. i was on the mini pill, cos I intended on getting the implant, so was using the pill just to see if the implant would be ok (cos its the same hormone dose). I can't reccomend the implant enough to be honest, I get no side affects, and a period once every 3 months.

    And you going to your Uni healthcentre? They are more likely to be understanding about it all than a family GP

  7. I've nominated you for an award! And thankyou so much for mine! xx

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  9. I was on Mercillon for 2 years (i had absolutely no problems) and i went off it in september for a break.............BIG MISTAKE......BIG.......HUGE......my skin completely broke out like never before!!

    so i went to the doc 2 months ago and she told me she's gonna put me on the strongest one which is Dianette i've also had no problems as of yet and i've been told its gonna take 3 months for my skin to improve and my skin hasn't at all yet so fingers crossed it does!!

    i was told alot of doctors prescribe Dianette for acne prone patients even if they don't need the pill for contraceptive but i'm convinced its an allergic reaction i've tried everything i even stopped trying (face creams and a stuff) but nothing works i've changed all my make up but my skin just keeps on flaring up!!!

    The doctor also gave me a creme for my face which did'nt work so i stopped using it then used it once last night and now my face looks like a tomato

    :( ugh sometimes i hate being a girl atleast guys can conceal it with a beard haha

    brill post btw
    and you should never feel awkward in your GP's office!!!

  10. It's actually really common to react badly to different birth control pills, and it's just a matter of finding one that works the best for you (kind of like Cinderella's slipper!). For instance, I've been on Trinessa for about a year, and I haven't had any issues with it, but my friend was on the same one for a year some time ago and the whole time she was on it she "turned into a bitch" (her words). Different pills have different side effects, so it's worth looking into another type if you think this one isn't working out for you. :)

    Another thing to look into for hair loss is hypothyroidism, where your thyroid is underactive. It's pretty easy to diagnose and treat (a blood test and a little daily pill) and very common. That's what was causing mine.

    Hope that helps!

  11. Wow, just looked back now and I love both your long comments! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who's having problems!