4 May 2010

Botanics Heat Protecting Spray

I've been using Botanics Heat Protecting spray for about a week now, maybe a bit longer and I'm quite impressed with it.

I spray it on my damp hair before a blow dry it and it doesn't fizz or go tatty like it used to. I concentrate most of the spray on my ends and I've seen a dramatic difference in the way my hair reacts to being curled or straightened.

Once I've dried it, I spray again before I use my straighteners and again, no fizz and no damage! I know I shouldn't be surprised by this because it's doing exactly what it should be doing, but it's completely different to the one I used previously.

For a start this smells much much fresher. Olie actually thought it was my perfume, but I wouldn't have said it was sweet like a perfume, more like a cucumber, cut grass type freshness. I like it anyways. Another thing I like is that it's not sticky and it doesn't grub up my straighteners. I don't mind putting product in my hair if I know I will be able to get it out afterwards and with this it hardly feels as if I have anything on it. To be really honest the only reason I remember I've used it is when I get a whiff of the smell.

The bottle holds 150ml and probably cost me under £3 although I honestly cannot remember.

I would recommend this product to anyone using heat on their hair.



  1. This sounds good, I'll have to give it a try as I hate when sprays 'grub up' my ghds (totally accurate description!!)

    Ellie x

  2. Haha, I'm very pleased with it :)