6 Apr 2010

Sunbeds, Fake Tan and Bronzer

My eye is weeping like crazy today so my face is pretty random today with one eye made up and one not - hence no pictures today.
I was going to just do a review, but I've just found out that there was a documentary presented by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud about Tanning.

This is a little clip I found on YouTube because iPlayer isn't airing it anymore.

I hope that this works, I've never put a video into a post before. I was just wondering if any of you use tanning beds or feel that by using fake tan/bronzers your confidence will grow?

My boyfriend, Olie has always said that he feels Nicola is the 'fittest' girl from the group because she's pale and interesting. He likes the bronzed look, but doesn't love it. So why is there all this pressure put on people to look tanned when beauty is always in the eye of the beholder?

I had my first fake tan last year in July for a wedding and I loved the results and thought that I could wear anything at it looked great! I topped it up with the L'Oreal Sublime.


I like how natural the tan looks when I apply this, but it took several applications and most of a bottle to get much colour. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but under a tenner for a reasonably sized bottle which I found quite expensive at the time, but looking back it lasted a decent amount of time and I still have a bottle in my cupboard now. I haven't used it in a long time however, during the summer months it does give my arms and legs a nice glow. I also found that it is gentle enough to use over the face without turning it orange.

The packaging is really nice and useful as the spray can works from any angle, which is incredibly handy when trying to get even coverage down the backs of your legs.

I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a glow or light tan. Perfect for an occasion or for a night out. Lasts about a week before going patchy and does stain the bedsheets/clothes if it's hot. However, it does wash out quite easily.

Have any of you used something like this? What did you make of it?



  1. I've used it before, but I didn't like the smell.. smelt a biut like gone off ginger! I do however love, of all things, Asda's own brand of fake tan, Essential Care:
    That's the lotion which is a developing tanner, and they have an instead one which I use a lot. I like the healthy glow it gives my skin and sets off my dark hair and pale eyes.

  2. I love the pic haha doesn't look bad for the price! I might have to try it out when it gets warm enough to get my legs out :)

  3. I work at VS and they have bronzers too.. surprisingly they don't work as bad as I imagined.

  4. Hey, I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you. Go check my post here:
    for the details on it! :) x

  5. I thought the Nicola Roberts documentary on sun-beds was excellent. I love that she's using her celebrity status to empower young women and men to make informed choices about tanning - real or fake.

    I nearly used sunbeds last year when I couldn't get the depth of colour I really wanted. Luckily fear held me back (and probably saved my skin) so I started trialing fake tans. The best tan I've found is from the Rodial range. They provide a gradual tanning lotion & instant tan for both light and darker skin tones. But my absoloute to die for tanning product is Rodial brazilian tan AIRBRUSH. It delievers such even, natural caramel colour - it's gorgeous!! Would love for you to review it...I really think it's the best faux-glow on the market.

    Love your blog! x