18 Apr 2010

Ooh look


I went shopping today and I've bought a few things I'm eager to test out/use.

The first and main thing was the Age Defence Cleansing Balm by No7.

If you look back to the post where I reviewed this against the Clinique cleanser you'll know I absolutely adored this! The full sized version cost me £8.50 for 200ml. I would have normally chosen a cheaper product, but recently my eyes (as you know) have been weeping a lot and I've decided to look after them a bit more. I was going to buy the Soap and Glory eye cream as I was recommended it by one of you lovely readers, but due to this being, for me, quite expensive I gave it a miss. It's still on my list of things to try out though!

The next things I picked up in Boots were:

Two 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polishes in Mint Choc Chip and Smoke Signal. I've put some of this on each hand and I have to say I'm mighty impressed. Two coats and a minute later I'm done. That's how nail polish should be!

Next up a few products from the Botanics range. For me Botanics are amazing, I've loved pretty much every product I've used and I would repurchase again and again. These are some new products I haven't tried yet though:

I find that my hair fades quite quickly (over about 2 or 3 weeks) and I'd obviously like to try and keep the brightness for as long as possible. When I was looking for some bog standard shampoo and conditioner I came across these, which use henna (same as I do to actually dye my hair) and I thought I'd give them a bash and see if they make a difference.

I've seen a few blog posts and videos on youtube saying that heat protection is a must and tbh yes it is. However, I used to have a heat protecting spray and it A) made my hair feel very greasy and B)made my straighteners very dirty so I didn't like it and haven't bothered trying to get another. This was a few pennies short of £4 and I hope it's nothing like the one I've used before!

I've been tempted to buy a hair mask for a while now, especially in Lush, however seeing as I'd bought the henna shampoo and conditioner I thought lets give it a whirl so I bought it and I hope it makes my hair soft again.

Have any of you lovely ladies tried any of these products? I know a few of you have the green polish (it looked so good I had to get myself some!), but if any of you have any tips or tricks on how to use/apply hair masks I would really appreciate it!

ta'ra for now x


  1. Those nail polishes look dreamy! I love hair masks becuase my hair gets a little dry so my hair mask tip is (if you have the time) squeeze excess water out of your hair, put plenty of the mask on (concentrate on the ends of your hair and maybe comb through gently with your fingers or a wide tooth comb to make sure all your hair is covered) and then wrap your hair in either a warm towel or cling film (I know, that's odd but it really helps the mask to work) and rinse out after 15 mins or so! Hey presto - scrummy hair!


  2. Thank you! I'll do that next time :) x

  3. I use that hair mask! I love it, it makes me hair so soft and shiney, and it smells amazing